Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PBE Games - The New Things

The last couple weeks most of the new releases have been Dungeons in Blue related, so the update post has been going into the weekly Tile of the Week post. However, if you don't check those out, here's the full listing of the latest stuff.

Dungeons in Blue

The end of September saw the release of three geomorph sets featuring sewer tiles, Sewers One, Sewers Two, and Sewers Three, which are also available in the Sewer Pack bundle. Each of these tiles has one or more stinkin' sewer lines running through it, along with the usual assortment of tunnels, caves, chambers and rooms. Every city needs a sewer dungeon, right?

I followed up the sewer series with Ups and Downs, a collection of stair and shaft transitions. One of the challenges of virtual tabletops is that really big maps can slow things to a crawl. Having more ways to break up maps is always good.

Last week I published Chambers and Rooms a small add-on pack featuring forty stand-alone, icon-style rooms, which can be cut / pasted into the blank spaces of Dungeons in Blue tiles. Three versions of each room, no doors, secret doors, and standard doors, are included. Note that using this set will require the use of a digital paint program (Gimp, Paint, Photoshop) to do the cut / paste work.

Uncommon Ground

It's a short list for Uncommon Ground texture packs, just two. Stonewash is a subtle-toned rock pattern, while Fossil Ice is a flowing, blotchy hatching pattern. As with all Uncommon Ground textures, these are licensed for both private and commercial use.

Here are a couple sample images to whet your appetite.

Sewer Pack Three - One-third scale preview
Uncommon Ground Stonewash preview

Coming Soon

The next couple weeks will see a trio of Small Dungeons maps for Dungeons in Blue, more Uncommon Ground, plus new One Page tables. I will also be updating the Tile of the Week bundle with the latest installments, and (probably) doing an update to the Dungeons in Blue Master List.

Finally, I've just done a pass over the back catalog, dropping prices on older releases. Lots of stuff is now 10-50% off.

And that about wraps it up. Thanks, as always for reading. Game on!

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