Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Wilds - Truckin'

Back in known territory (more or less) the party heads for home, though the exact route is a little vague. This is a short turn covering some straight up travel days. No side trips, no exploration. The party has been this way a couple times now, so... short and sweet.

The next day dawns clear and warm, with only a few scattered clouds floating overhead. With a long, but mostly known hike ahead, everyone is ready to move out while the sun is low on the horizon. The group marches southeast, toward Needle Spire. By the time they pass that landmark their legs and cloaks are soaked with dew from the tall grass of the plains, but they press on in spite of their discomfort, reaching the roadway in time for a late lunch on the path. They've seen nothing on their hike thus far, except a distant herd of antelope. Grassland turns to scrub as they continue along the old roadway, and nightfall sees them somewhere southwest of the Vostat shrine.

The next day passes much as the first, just with different terrain. The party passes the shrine mid-morning, and turns east along the road, scrub turns to woods and the pace slows a bit. Calling their trail a road is a stretch, it doesn't provide much benefit when it comes to travel. Sunset on the 19th sees them making camp in the woods west of the old quarry. Mordikarr is not happy to be camping so close to the gnoll village to the north, but there's little the party can do about that, the animals need rest, as do several drooping party members.

Lather, rinse, repeat, with stops along the way at UrĂºvion's grave and the ancient lightning-scarred elm. The night of the 20th finds the group northwest of the ruined church, camping in scrubby grassland. That night around the camp fire, the group debates their course for the next leg of the journey. Northeast, past the cat cave and Stonefinger to Brekkevale? East to the road, then north and around the loop? Southeast through new terrain to Hustwood? Straight east?

End Date: September 20, night
End Status: Getting closer
End Location: The Wilds

Now they have a choice, northeast to Stonefinger then Brekkevale, or east to the road, then around the loop, or straight east all the way to Auslaug. Decisions, decisions. Sadly a couple of the most plan-oriented players are work/vacation loaded right now, so Monday's turn may also be short.

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