Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekend Reading

A while back, I posted up some links to a pair of novels written by my good friend and fellow gamer, Micah R. Sisk. Here are two more!

Born Into Shadows - Five posthumans working as a crew together for the first time are sent on a fact finding mission to a remote and seemingly uninteresting nebula. Their mission: investigate rumors of a large object hidden in the nebula, an object said not to be of modern posthuman design. Only one of the crew knows the identity of the expedition's mysterious backers and...what it is they fear.

Watching the Watcher - A frantic call from a space lane traffic controller is fielded by a helpline representative. Out in the main asteroid belt, stationed on a sophisticated three-kilometer long space habitat, why does the caller find himself utterly alone? Why can't he remember his time away from work? Why does he never leave his cubestation? And why does the helpline rep keep fielding exactly this type of call?

Both are science fiction short stories, both available for less than a buck. Check em out, and while you're there, if horror is more your thing, check out my own short story, Blink of the Light.

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