Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PBE Games - August Releases

This is just a quick catch-up post on the latest releases from PBE Games. August has been heavy with Uncommon Ground texture packs, and One Page tables. but that's going to change soon, with the release of a new round of Dungeons in Blue geomorphs this week. Here's the already released:

  • Shale Swirl - is a smoothly textured stone pattern with a swirling color scheme.
  • Liquified -shows a flowing stone texture with a soft, monochromatic finish.
  • Tiger - a striped stone pattern with a grainy surface.
  • Sheen - is a smooth stone surface with a flowing, somewhat shiny pattern.
  • Ravaged - is a rough and mottled stone surface.
  • One Page #20 - Strange Writings - twenty odd books, scrolls, and tomes for your game, each with a minor hook.
  • One Page Pack #4 - A discount bundle containing One Page #16 - #20.
  • The One Page Big Deal - An even larger bundle containing One Page #1 - #20.

Uncommon Ground Shale Swirl preview
As I mentioned, there will be three new Dungeons in Blue geomorph sets out this week, sets V, W, and X (curse you alphabet with a non-divisible by three letter count!), which will add 35+ new tiles to the collection. Sets Y and Z will be a bit different. Each contains four double- or quad-sized tiles containing some larger rooms and caves.Of course they have the usual entry and exit layout so they connect up to the rest of the series correctly.
Dungeons in Blue Set V preview
So... that's it for now. Thanks, as always, for reading.

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