Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PBE Games - Lots of Uncommon Ground (plus one)

Just a quick note here, to catch up on recent releases. Over the last two weeks I've added several more Uncommon Ground textures to the PBE Games lineup, including Rippled, Acid Etched, Exposed Face, Mud Rock, Crawlers, and Strata. I've also pulled together the various Dungeons in Blue connection tile packs into a discount bundle, the Connections Pack.

The next couple weeks should see another full set of Dungeons in Blue tiles released, plus a new black and white virtual tabletop map similar to Traitor's Cavern. Most of my stuff is fantasy-focused, but the Black Sage Mine could easily be dropped into a western or modern campaign. Coming Soon (TM).
Black Sage Mine - one-third scale preview

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