Monday, June 9, 2014

Wilds - Stench of Death

Nooo, not Locky! Yes, the poor Halfling, ever-cheerful, ever-hungry, has fallen in battle, hammered to death by a giant zombie slug. Things are looking grim for the party, and split up as they are across three separate chambers surrounding the now-infamous Death Pit, they're having a hard time supporting each other. Will they survive?

Start Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
Start Status: Slug it out.
Start Location: Blackpool Maze

[Round Twelve - Party Initiative]

Durego prepares a spell!

Ingvild stoops and peers into the depths of the pit, prepared to attack any additional foes that he spots in the puke-inducing depths. The rough stone floor of the pit is covered with scattered body parts, but it looks like there are no additional foes moving down there. Dagmarten joins his brother at the edge of the pit, quarterstaff in hand.

Ohwatoo takes a deep breath, clutches his staff, and cautiously advances along the ledge, headed for Maro and Mordikarr. When he reaches the railing at the far side, he pulls a dagger and hurls it at the zombie! The spinning blade clatters harmlessly off the far wall.

Rawon, still half-dazed, fits an arrow and fires... at the zombie. The arrow hits, and the zombie collapses! [3 Damage]

"Well done brother!" cries Maro. Mordikarr simply grunts and heads for the slug. Maro, both hands full, fumbles his sword into its sheath, and pulls his bow. Too late.

"Why. Won't. You. Die!" shouts Raúguey, hacking at the slug-thing before him. The Sword of Bees glows once again, sending forth another swarm, but it doesn't really matter. Raúguey's power attack cleaves the hideous thing in half! [21 Damage]

Durego casts his healing spell on Tesso [7 Healed - it's day of good party rolls apparently]

[Round Thirteen - ?? Initiative]

Wasting no time, Raúguey stoops next to Locky's still form, fingers seeking the magical mirror. Luckily the halfling's well-padded form cushioned it as he fell. The fighter begins scanning the room with the magical device, looking for any sign of invisible foes. [he spends the round looking and sees nothing] Mordikarr moves past Raúguey, headed for the south door. Sword in hand he cracks it and peers through. There is nothing but a small 15x20 room beyond. There's a closed door in the west wall. "No dog head here!" he calls.

Maro, followed by Ohwatoo, moves to the NW door, which is closed, but only just. The elf opens it a crack and peers through. Beyond is a small 15x15 foot chamber with closed double-doors in the west wall. No sign of any foes. "No one here either, just a small room."

"They're running for it," mutters Dagmarten, still covering his brother at the pit's edge. Durego helps Tesso to his feet and Rawon continues to watch the area, bow ready.

Durego calls out, "We need to regroup and stay together! Weakened as we are, we can't afford to split up. Everyone to the northwest! Mordikarr, pick up Locky and move him away from the pit."

As the others move, Raúguey pulls a spike and tries to jam the southern door. It opens outward, so it's difficult to tell if his spike will count for much. Then he joins the others. "Can I get a heal Durego?"

"I've nothing left to offer," says the cleric. Dagmarten just shakes his head.

[End of Combat Rounds]

"Watch the back. I'll follow Durego," offers Tesso. With the cleric in the lead, the group opens the west door and advances cautiously. The double-doors are closed but not completely. Tesso shoves one open with his sword, revealing a broad hallway leading west. A pile of large boulders partially blocks the hall 15 feet in, and there is a small statue sitting on one of the stones. The hall runs 30' to the west, meeting a similar N-S hallway.

Ingvild moves up, and stoops. "Someone came through here, several someones. Too many tracks and too little dust to tell who or what though."

As those in front creep forward, Durego peers at the crude golden wheel statue. "Vostat (*), but someone's desecrated it." The statue is smeared with feces and smells of urine.

Peering down the hall, Rawon takes a much-needed sip from his nearly empty flask. "This place goes on forever." As he finishes speaking you hear the faint and distant *slam* of a door.


I assume you spent a minute retrieving arrows and fallen gear, etc. You have not searched or taken any other special actions.

Maro has Shield running
Bless still affects the entire party
Ohwatoo has 1 mirror image

Wounds - lots
Raúguey 36 Damage [very dead without the potion's effects]
Rawon 3 Damage
Mordikarr 11 Damage
Maro 4 Damage
Ingvild 5 Damage
Dagmarten 2 Damage
Tesso 1 Damage

(*) Vostat - Vostat is a guardian aspect of The One, popular among both the Hasuden and the Toresden. He is depicted as a mailed figure bearing a long spear and a shield marked with a golden spoked wheel. He is often shown stabbing or standing over a great cat. The golden wheel is his most common symbol.

Though he has no great temples or churches dedicated to his name, Vostat is a popular deity, and many folk, particularly traveling merchants, and bards, wear his golden wheel as a token of safe travel.

Recall that you found an ancient roadside shrine to Vostat way back east along the abandoned road.

End Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
End Status: More door
End Location: Blackpool Maze

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