Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wilds - Death Pit is Death

The bloody battle continues, but for how long? Who will live, who will die? Let's find out!

Start Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
Start Status: Oh snap!
Start Location: Blackpool Maze

The Turn

[Round Nine - Party Initiative]

Ohwatoo begins casting a spell! [mirror image]

Despite the grim situation, the party retains its composure, continuing the desperate fight, except Locky, who cries out and collapses, slumping against the nearby pillar [playing dead]. "I need some help here!" calls Durego, fending off his zombie foe. Dagmarten, already moving to help his brother, hesitates and then shifts to attacking Durego's foe, realizing that getting the cleric free will allow him to use his healing magic. Raúguey executes a fighting retreat to the south door, hoping to reduce the number of foes able to attack him. Mordikarr finally heeds Ohwatoo's shouts to fall back and slowly retreats, drawing the bugbear in as he moves. Behind the hulking brute, the kobolds frantically wind their crossbows...

Maro takes a point-black shot at his wounded foe, scoring a solid hit to the torso, the silver arrow flares with magical energy, and the creature falls, seared from within. [6 Damage]

Ohwatoo's spell goes off, and a second wizard appears next to him. [only 1 image]

From his slightly improved position, Raúguey takes a swing at the still-distracted bugbear, FINALLY scoring another hit. The creature drops, headless. [9 Damage] The fighter takes a quick look beyond the door, spotting the two kobolds in the room beyond, also winding back their crossbows.

In the east chamber, Ingvild, Durego, and Dagmarten attack the two zombies they face. Durego and Dagmarten both score hits against their foe, [3 and 6 Damage respectively] enough to finish off the undead creature. Ingvild is not so lucky, he cannot connect. Finally, at the door, Mordikarr winds up and hacks at the bugbear in the hall, a powerful blow that spits the creature's chest open. [12 Damage]. It falls, dead. Mordikarr kicks the body backwards and yanks the east door closed!

The last zombie on the east platform swings at Ingvild, but misses completely. Maro's remaining zombie foe also attacks, and scores a hit [3 Damage] On the south platform, Raúguey's foes, zombie and zombie-slug, both attack, and the slug scores two hits [4 Damage] Locky's slug-foe, unconvinced by his play dead act, lashes at the slumped halfling, successfully striking twice. [7 Damage - Halfling is about to die!] As the lights go out, Locky takes one last stab at the attacking creature [held action] scoring a solid blow. [4 Damage]

[Round Ten - Party Initiative]

Ohwatoo prepares a spell [hold portal]

Durego thinks about a cure spell for Rawon, but is too far away. He shoves his way forward to engage the last zombie on the east platform. Ingvild steps away from the fight, leaving the two clerics and the approaching Mordikarr to deal with the zombie. He circles north, pulling out an oil flask. "Better deal with those slug things," he mutters.

Raúguey yanks the door shut and puts his back to the wall. sliding west so the bulk of the slug [hopefully] cuts off the advance of the remaining zombie. Maro drops his bow, pulls ElfSword, and yanks the last magic arrow out with his off-hand.

Ingvild hefts the flask, sees Locky down, sees Raúguey still fighting. Looks at Locky, Looks at Raúguey. "Lucky, lucky," he mutters, then chooses... [6 Wisdom thief for the win!] The flask flies toward Raúguey's foe, striking the creature squarely and shattering. Fwoom! The stench and smoke filling the room is renewed as the oil bursts into flame! [10 Damage] The burning slug writhes in the flames, providing a perfect opening for Raúguey's next blow, a mighty cut that severs two of the creature's skull / tendril strikers. It collapses, twitches, and then falls into a heap of smouldering corpses, whatever magic held them together broken by the damage inflicted.

Ohwatoo completes his spell and gestures at the nearby door, which shudders as the locking magic takes effect. "Door is secured!" he says, warning the others.

The others are busy. Mordikarr, Durego, and Dagmarten all attack the remaining zombie on the east platform, and Dagmarten and Mordikarr hit, destroying the shambling corpse [lots of damage]

To the northwest, Maro attacks his last visible foe with sword and arrow, but is unable to connect with either weapon. The elf is all too aware of the open door at his back and the kobold crossbowman lurking beyond. He tries to put a pillar between himself and the door.

And speaking of crossbows... With the south and east doors closed, it's impossible to say what the kobolds beyond are doing, but it's not 'opening the doors'. The one to the northwest does fire, but the bolt is wild. Maro hears a squeaky cry and the door behind him slams shut!

The last zombies, one northwest, one south, attack their nearest foes (the one to the south crawling over the remains of the downed slug). Neither scores a hit. The remaining slug continues to pound away at the unfortunate Locky, scoring a solid strike against its helpless and prone foe. [3 Damage] Alas it's too much for even the plucky halfling, he quietly expires beneath the hammer blows!

[Round Eleven - Party Initiative]

Freed of distractions, Durego prepares a spell [cure light wounds]

Mordikarr slides past Ingvild and heads for Maro. Alas he cannot keep his footing and he falls into the pit. He spends the rest of the round moving and climbing out. Dagmarten moves to the near edge of the pit, ready to bash any new zombies that might show up. Though there are still corpses in the pit, none appear to be moving. Ohwatoo joins the cleric, ready to fight with his quarterstaff. He'll be in position to fight or use his wand next round.

Ingvild prepares and hurls another oil flask, this time at the other slug. Another good shot, though not quite so perfect as the last. Oil spatters across the slug and the surrounding floor [and now-deceased Locky, 6 Damage to slug].

Durego's spell goes off, healing Rawon [7 Healing] The elf blinks, mutters something, and staggers to his feet, groping for his bow.

The zombie facing Raúguey is too stupid to avoid the smouldering remains of the dead slug. It takes minor fire damage. [1 Damage] Raúguey finishes the creature off with a solid thrust [9 Damage] And just in time! The remaining slug is turning his way!

Maro, alone with the final zombie, attacks again, finally scoring a hit with ElfSword [4 Damage].

The remaining zombie and slug attack Maro and Raúguey respectively. Maro dodges the blow, but Raúguey, slipping and sliding on the corpses that cover the floor, is off-balance, the slug hammers him thrice! [7 Damage]


Alas, poor Locky. I gave the slug a 10% chance to stay focused on him while he played dead, and the dice were against him.

There is one zombie to the NW, and a slug to the S. Both are damaged. The slug is still smouldering.

There are / were kobolds outside each of the three doors leading out of this area, 1 NW, 2 E, 2 S. All the doors are closed, the E door is held.

The party is pretty beat up, here's the damage tally:

Raúguey 36 Damage [very dead without the potion's effects]
Locky Dead
Rawon 3 Damage
Mordikarr 11 Damage
Maro 4 Damage
Ingvild 5 Damage
Dagmarten 2 Damage
Tesso 8 Damage (unconscious)

End Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
End Status: Noooooooooo!
End Location: Blackpool Maze


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