Monday, June 16, 2014

Wilds - By the Light of the Moon

Sometimes I love random monster checks. This very short turn brought to you by the 1st edition wandering monster tables.

As it gets dark the group spends a good two hours debating their next course of action, a discussion that gets heated at times. Ingvild is dead set on another attempt at the illusion-pit door, while Maro is focused on killing the necromancer. The rest of the group is split. Finally prudence outweighs greed, and the group agrees to explore the rest of the passages around the death pit before making another attempt at the pit door. Locky's death and the potential threat posed by the bugbears finally gives weight to Maro's arguments. The group is still unsettled when they finally turn in, leaving the usual suspects on watch.

3 AM, and the second watch is on. The camp is only dimly lit by a low-burning fire and moonlight from a just-past-full moon. "Did you hear that?" whispers Maro. He and the cleric are sitting by a tree that marks the low cliff at the north edge of the camp.

"No, nothing."

"Look, there!" the elf points. Well out on the open ground, something is moving. Several somethings. The light is too dim and they're too far away to make out exactly what they are, even for the sharp-eyed elf. "Doesn't look like they're interested in us." Behind the pair, Suren wakes up and growls, a low grumbling sound. Gorvil and Tesso, stationed on the far side of the camp rise and take a few steps toward the fire, but Tesso spots Maro's gesture and both hold.

The pack of whatever they are continues to move east. Maro hears the occasional clank of weapons and armor, and an occasional low-pitched mutter. "Good thing the wind is from the northwest," whispers Durego.

Mordikarr stirs and sends Ava out to scout the moving party. The owl flies out on silent wings, circling the mob several times before returning. Mordikarr holds a hooted, churping conversation with the owl, then whispers to the others who are awake. "Ava say Gola'ka [gnoll to you common-speaking folk]. Ava say many Gola'ka." [Animals don't count very well. From experience, few or some is three to six, many is more than six, possibly as many as twenty.]


Well that was unexpected. The pack of creatures is well out in the plain, too far to establish what they are. They're moving generally west to east. They don't seem aware of the party's camp. I'm stopping here in case you all want to do something.

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