Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Wilds - Follow the Pack

After spotting the gnoll pack passing their base camp, the party is on edge, so they make an early start of it. What will they find at the Maze entrance when they arrive?

Start Date: September 3, Year of the Badger, 3 AM
Start Status: Where there's smoke...
Start Location: Base camp near Blackpool

The Turn

After watching the gnolls until they're out of sight and waiting for Ava to return (she reports no change in their course when she lost sight of the pack), the party tries to get a few more hours sleep. Doesn't really work. Everyone is tense, and as the sun rises, they're already up and about. With a final warning to Gorvil, Jonquil, and Saurabh to keep a low profile, the party heads out, using cover as best they can on their hike to the Maze. The skies are filled with mounds of swift-moving clouds, driven by the gusty wind.

"Definitely going to storm soon," predicts Dagmarten.

"Best circle all the way southeast and come at the Maze from there. We'll be moving into the wind," says Rawon.

There are mutters of agreement, and the party twists its course further south. By the time the ruin is in sight, the sun is well-clear of the horizon. They pause in the last scraggly patch of trees on the edge of the swampy ground around the Maze and lake, a few hundred yards from the ruined walls. "That's not good," whispers Durego. Everyone can see the smoke rising from the ruin.

"Wouldn't be headed for the Maze, eh Raúguey?" Maro sounds grumpy.

"Is that the group we saw last night, or someone or something else?" wonders Raúguey.

Erring on the side of caution, the group does a slow retreat away from the edge of clear ground, leaving Mordikarr and Rawon to keep watch. They wait. A half-hour later, Rawon slithers his way back to the little depression where the others are hiding. "Well they're still there. We can't see who they are though, they're not coming outside of the walls. All we catch sight of is an occasional head popping out for a look-see."

End Date: September 3, Year of the Badger, Morning
End Status: there's a camp site!
End Location: Southeast of Blackpool Maze

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