Monday, June 2, 2014

The Wilds - Blood Pit

So the lesson here is, if you're facing a necromancer and find a giant pit full of corpses, you might want to do something about that before the battle...

[Round Seven - Party Initiative]

"Fall back! Into the pit room!" cries Ohwatoo, stooping to drag fallen Tesso away from the melee at the end of the short hall. Ingvild holds position, allowing Dagmarten to disengage and retreat. The cleric and mage pull Tesso back through the door. Ingvild takes a swing at the bugbear with his blade, but can't connect. Behind the hulking brute he sees... kobolds moving up! The bugbear swings at the thief with his halberd, a hit! [5 Damage]

In the chamber Durego raises his holy symbol, attempting to turn more of the undead swarm, but there is no apparent effect. Rawon sheaths sword and unlimbers his bow. He fires at the zombie-slug threatening Raúguey, but the shot is wild. Mordikarr hesitates at the pit edge, then hears Ohwatoo's cry. he dashes to the door, grabs Tesso and pulls him into the room. Dagmarten turns back to assist his brother, but Mordikarr shoves him aside. "Me kill hairy beastman."

Maro also switches to his bow and fires a magic arrow at the zombie-slug. He also misses. Locky advances, serpentine-style, to the S ledge, notes that the slimy goo seems to have been partially burned away by the recent oil fire, and tries to sneak across to the south chamber. He's half-way there when he realizes the zombie-slug and zombie attacking Raúguey aren't the only occupants of the pit! "Yaaaa!" he cries as a second slug-thing rises from the corpses! He scurries across the last few feet of ledge, ducks behind the nearest pillar, and, juggling flask and sword, hacks at the slug thing, barely nicking it. [1 Damage]

Raúguey spots the second slug thing, but he's busy. "Time to get out," he mutters. He crouches and leaps, making a grab for the bee-distracted bugbear. He clears the pit, but can't establish his hold, the bugbear dodges aside. Raúguey connects with his followup sword blow. [8 Damage]

More zombies scramble out of the pit, two to the northwest, two to the east. The pit floor is now exposed in several areas [it's about five-feet deep]. The northwest zombies close with Maro and his mirror image friends, attacking with clumsy but powerful fists. Neither can connect, though another image is destroyed in the attack. The two eastern zombies attack Rawon and Durego, both also miss. The two slugs attack Raúguey and Locky. Locky is hit twice [8 Damage], Raúguey once [5 Damage]. The bugbear also swings at Raúguey, but can't connect.

[Round Eight - Party Initiative]

In the east hall, Mordikarr pulls Ingvild back and steps up, swinging at the bugbear in front of him, no dice. Ingvild falls back into the pit room, sees his brother is OK, spots the new zombies, and moves to engage the one on Rawon, which has already taken an arrow to the knee! [4 Damage from magic arrow] Ingvild's blow connects too [2 Damage]. Durego swings his mace at the zombie in front of him, a hit! [4 Damage]

"Darn it, Mordikarr, we're trying to seal this door! Back up!" calls Ohwatoo, before the mage turns and studies the battle. "Blast it!" He aims the wand and fires a missile at the Zombie Slug attacking Raúguey [6 Damage].

To the northwest, Maro takes a hasty step back and fires another magical arrow at the nearest zombie, confident in his armor. A hit! [5 Damage] He notes with some relief that the arrow remains intact after striking his foe.

Meanwhile, Raúguey and Locky have their hands full. A glance to the south shows more kobolds, but no bugbears. Both have their hands full with immediate foes. Raúguey elects to finish off the sorely wounded bugbear, he swings... and misses! Locky slashes at the zombie worm, "This was a bad idea... Or maybe not!" he connects. [2 Damage]

At the door, Dagmarten rises and waves his holy symbol at the nearest zombies, to no effect [oops, turn fails].

The last zombie in the pit scrambles out, still heading for Raúguey. The sharp snap of crossbows sounds from all sides. One strikes Mordikarr [3 Damage], one hits Locky [4 Damage]. "Definitely a bad idea!" cries the sorely wounded Halfling.

In the small hall, the bugbear swings its halberd at Mordikarr, connecting solidly with the lightly armored beastmaster. [6 Damage]. He groans and Suren yowls angrily.

The various zombies, two on Maro, one each for Durego and Rawon, one on Raúguey, attack their respective foes, as do the two zombie slugs on Raúguey and Locky. Both Maro's foes hit... MIRROR IMAGES! [that was the last of them] Rawon is also hit [5 Damage], and the elf falls, unconscious! [Wow, Rawon has a *terrible* CON score]. Durego's armor protects him, and Raúguey's zombie foe simply misses. The slug attacking Raúguey, however, scores two hits [3 Damage], and Locky's foe scores a hit as well. [1 Damage] The wounds are piling up!

The three-front war

OOC: OK, going to end things there. There's a lot going on in this fight, and I want to be sure you have a chance to adapt. I'll put up an adjusted map shortly. Some general notes:

There are kobolds marked to the south and west, but you can't actually see those. The two behind Mordikarr are visible to him. Both the bugbears are pretty beat up. The slugs, not so much. There are no other foes in sight. There *might* be more zombies in the pit.

Oh, note for newer players: characters are unconscious at 0 HP, dead at minus 1/2 CON. Depending on the situation / wounds, characters can bleed out if unconscious.

As best as you can tell, your clerics have attempted to turn all undead foes. Further turn attempts are probably futile.

Rawon has used 3/5 magic arrows, Maro 2/4.


Raúguey 25 Damage (still kicking thanks to the potion)
Locky 13 Damage
Rawon 10 Damage (unconscious - elf, your life force is running out)
Mordikarr 11 Damage
Maro 1 Damage
Ingvild 5 Damage
Dagmarten 2 Damage
Tesso 8 Damage (unconscious)

End Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
End Status: All. Over. The Place.
End Location: Blackpool Maze

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