Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wilds - Too Oily

There's a moment of surprise as the oil spatters across the floor, but the flying torch prompts swift action. The recent fight in the so-called Fire Room burns clear in everyone's memory. "GET OUT!" yells Durego, turning and leading the charge back into the bugbear lair. He and Mordikarr crowd into Maro, who grabs Rawon and runs. In the lair, Ohwatoo and Tesso dive out of the way as best they can...

The torch sails into the stubby hall, hits the oil there, and then... bounces on, propelled by an inadvertent kick! Oil ignites and there are flames everywhere! [The dice are cruel!]

Ohwatoo, surprisingly, dodges the worst of the flames, taking only a minor splash hit [2 Damage]. Tesso is less fortunate, he is well-done [10 Damage]. His momentum carries him out of the main area of flame, where he collapses, unconscious! Maro easily evades the oil, but Rawon is not so lucky [6 Damage]. Agile Mordikarr only takes a splash hit [1 Damage], but Durego, slowed by his heavy mail, is a bit roasted [2 Damage - snake eyes]. "Must be the ring," he mutters, patting out the oily flames with his gauntleted hands.

Locky avoids the fire, retreating to the east edges of the bugbear lair. A few moments later, Ra├║guey bursts into the room, Ingvild and Dagmarten behind him. "Whoa! What's all this!" he cries, surprised by the flames. He moves toward the double doors on the near end of the stubby hall, but the flames are too hot. Thick black smoke rolls off the burning oil, quickly accumulating in the room. In moments it's almost impossible to see. "We need to get out of here!" shouts the fighter, already coughing from the smoke.

In the shaman lair, Durego douses a rag with water and ties it around his face. "Do this Mordikarr! It'll help with the smoke!" The wildman shrugs, but follows the cleric's lead.

"Help me with Tesso! He was caught in the fire!" shouts Ohwatoo, trying to drag the hapless ex-prisoner away from the creeping flames.

"I'll get him!" calls Ingvild. "Watch the south hall, there may be secret tunnels we haven't found!" Together the mage and thief pull Tesso away from the flames and into the south hall, where Dagmarten casts a cure on him [2 measly points].

"Everyone out into the south hall, at least it's not on fire!" coughs Maro, skirting the fire and heading that way.

"Good idea!" calls Locky from the east side of the room. He sticks his head into the shaman lair, "We're going to the south hall! We can close the doors there."

As Maro, followed by Rawon, circles the burning oil, he's surprised to see movement beyond the flames! "The door is open!" he shouts, just as *another* jug sails into the room! Coarse laughter rings in his ears as the door slams shut again! [Wonder where this one will go?]

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