Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wilds - Still Burning

Smack-sploosh! The mid-air oil flask hits the south side of the east door frame in the stubby hall, spraying more oil into the hall and bugbear lair, renewing the flames there. Black smoke billows up, further obscuring the room.

"HA!" shouts Locky, pulling out a flask of his own and hurling it into the flame and smoke. "Fight fire with fire!" His toss results in a sudden hoarse shout and a renewed burst of flame near the west door. The grinning halfling darts into the south hall. "Guess I showed them!" he says.

"I'm not sure we should be adding fuel to the fire," mutters Ohwatoo, holding his magic missile wand at the ready.

Dagmarten stoops over Tesso, coughing. "Close those doors or we're going to choke!" he calls, and Ingvild slams them shut, then helps his brother grab the unconscious Tesso and pull him further south, to the corner of the hall, hopefully out of the way.

"Someone help me get the table!" shouts Raúguey, heading down the south hall to the door around the corner. "We can use it to bridge the flames and close those inner doors!"

"I'm with you," says Rawon, following the fighter down the hall.

Meanwhile in the shaman lair, it's getting stuffy, but Durego and Mordikarr, stooped low by the door to avoid the worst of the smoke, are OK. So far. "Listen for the door Mordikarr, if you hear any kobolds or bugbears coming in, we'll charge out and engage them, right?"

Mordikarr agrees with a grunt, and peers past the edge of the door. "Smoke go up to top of cave. Maybe hole there," he says. He points out the small opening to Durego.

"Must be why they had that brazier there, a crevice or chimney leading out."

Maro keeps watch by the doors leading to the south hall, listening for any further stirrings. When he hears Raúguey and Rawon coming back, he nods to Locky, and the pair pull open the doors, then close them again when they're past.

"Ready? One, two, three, heave!" The table flops into the oil, creating a clear area near the doors, for now. Raúguey climbs past the trestle legs, reaches across the flames to the nearer door, and slams it shut, then moves further along the planks to the other door. He reaches a smouldering arm out and swings it shut too! "Hot hot hot!" he shouts, leaping back out of the flaming oil! His garments are smoking and Rawon helps him put out the flames, leaving the big guy singed but intact.

"We better get that table out of there," says Rawon, "or it's going to catch fire."

"I want to spike those doors shut," coughs Raúguey, slightly dizzy from his exertions.

"Well pull it out, I'll spray it with water, and we can put it closer to the door!" Rawon raises his voice, "Maro! Come help!"

By now the flames from the oil are dying a bit, but the wooden doors are starting to char, adding even more smoke to the hot air of the room. When the trio pulls the table free it's already smouldering around the edges. Rawon pulls out a flask, takes a drink. "No, not that one," puts it back and pulls out a waterskin. He sprays down the planks as best he can, but a skin only holds so much water. The trio grabs the table and lays it back into the flames right next to the doors. Raúguey is ready with spikes and mallet. He darts out onto the planks, slams spikes in beneath each door, and hastily whacks them a few times before staggering back and dropping to his knees, red-faced and gasping.

"Come on! We need to get out of here." Maro and Rawon, also gasping in the smoking air, grab Raúguey and head for the south doors. Locky and Ingvild close the doors after they're through.

Crouched over and wheezing, Raúguey gasps, "Table... still... in.... fire!"

"Crud!" cries Maro. "Come on." He, Ingvild, and Rawon dart into the fiery room *again*, circle the oily flames, and pull the table clear. "Curses! It's burning!"

"So are the doors, look!" Ingvild points at the closed double-doors.

The trio stomp and bat at the flames on the table, and manage to put them out, then trot back to the south hall, closing the doors once again.

The air is thick with smoke, even with the doors closed. It catches in the throat and burns the eyes. In the shaman lair things are much the same, and both Mordikarr and Durego are stooped low, breathing as shallowly as possible. Peering past the door's edge, they can barely see flames licking at the closed doors of the stubby hall through the smoke, but it looks like the oil is going out, leaving a charred black stain on the floor. So... hard... to... breathe...

"I don't feel so good," mutters Durego, blinking, and then falling flat on his face. Mordikarr grabs the cleric and drags him away from the door. He's not feeling so good himself. In the south hall, things are much the same. Dagmarten is propped against the wall by Tesso in a daze, Ohwatoo is slumped against the doorway, and Raúguey continues to cough and wheeze.

"Kettle," mutters Rawon. "Who has the kettle? Maybe it'll help."

"Mordikarr or Durego," croaks Locky. leaning against the north doors of the south hall.

Rawon peers around through the smoke. "Where are they?" he asks, realizing for the first time that the pair is not in the hall.

"Shaman... room..." pants kneeling Maro.

OOC: Durego and Mordikarr are in the shaman lair, everyone else is in the south hall. East doors to the stubby hall are closed and spiked (somewhat), but also on fire. Shaman lair door and north doors to south hall are closed. West door to south hall is closed. Oil in bugbear lair is dying down.

Durego: 2 HP damage
Ohwatoo: 2 HP damage
Raúguey: 6 HP damage (leftovers)
Rawon: 6 HP damage (max 8 HP)
Mordikarr: 1 HP damage
Ingvild: 3 HP damage (leftovers)
Tesso: 8 HP damage (unconscious)

Durego, Dagmarten, Maro, Raúguey, and Ohwatoo are all suffering from the smoke, the rest not so much (yet).

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