Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wilds - Pit Stop

Pit full of corpses. Necromancer running around. Kobolds with crossbows. What could possibly go wrong?

OOC: reminder on positions from last turn: Maro and Raúguey are in the Death Pit room. Durego, Mordikarr, and Ohwatoo are in the hall just outside the door (in that order). Rawon, Ingvild, Locky, Dagmarten, and Tesso are at the X in the hall.

"Kobolds!" cries Maro, diving for cover behind the foremost pillars. "Get them!"

[Round One] - Enemy Initiative

Aside from a hint of movement beyond the pit, There's no action from the potential foes. Reloading perhaps?

Hearing the warning shout, Locky and Ingvild run forward from their position in the hall, readying missile weapons as they go. Rawon follows at a staggering pace, unlimbering his bow. The front two enter the room, and Ingvild trots forward to the southernmost pillar. Locky moves to where he can see most of the three winged chamber, and begins scanning the entire area with the magic mirror, a confusing process given the smoke, pillars, running people, and such. Durego remains in the short hall against the wall, while Mordikarr keeps a suspicious eye on the north hall. Ohwatoo moves into the pit room and tucks himself in behind a convenient pillar. Tesso and Dagmarten, left alone in the main hall near the Broken Dais Room, edge their way north, eyes peeled. Rawon follows Ingvild to the south corner of the nearest chamber and scans for targets in the smoky air.

"It's a trap!" shouts Raúguey. "They want us to follow them! Fire this place and... ah crud." The elf is already moving. Raúguey ducks behind a pillar (spots going fast!) and begins digging in his pack for an oil flask. "Burn the bodies!"

Ignoring the shouts, Maro takes point, “Kaglagara has forsaken thee, thoust fail him miserably, and he requests us to take revenge for thine failures. Your god has left thee, die knowing this.” He heads around the narrow and greasy ledge that skirts the north side of the pit. "Rawon, throw some oil in this pit and light up these corpses! No fodder for the Necromancer!" The elf, along with his horde of mirror selves, reaches the far side (after a near slip mid-way - slick!) He spots the two creatures, one behind the northwest pillar, one behind the southern. "Two here!" he shouts, uncomfortably aware of how exposed he is.

[Round Two] - Party Initiative

"Bloody-minded elf!" Ohwatoo prepares a spell!

Locky tucks the mirror into a pouch and grabs his sling. He slinks forward, hiding as best he can, and starts around the gooey ledge. "Ha!" He thinks, "piece of cake. Mmmmm cake..." then "Aaah!" his hairy feet slide out from under him, and he falls! Luckily he manages to fall against the wall instead of into the pit. "Careful! This is really slick!" he shouts as he struggles to regain his feet.

Rawon and Ingvild both spot a kobold and shoot / sling at it. [WIFF WIFF]. Ohwatoo unleashes his spell at the same creature. [6 damage] The creature falls, whack dead! It's crossbow clatters to the floor.

Raúguey hurls a flaming oil flask into the pit, throwing hard so it breaks on impact. [Oh my] The throw goes long and left, smashing into the wall SW of the pit and spraying oil on the ledge and the nearest corpses.

Maro leaps toward the nearest kobold, swinging ElfSword! "Aagh!" The ledge-goo on his boots causes him to lose his footing. His blow is wild and the kobold ducks aside cackling madly.

Meanwhile Durego slides closer to the door, Mordikarr keeps watching north, and Tesso and Dagmarten continue their slow retreat to the side hall.

Snap-crack! Snap-crack! bolts fly, one from the kobold by Maro, which misses the elf and his many mirror images, the other threading its way neatly between the illusions, and hitting the elf! [natural 20, plus 1 in 4 chance, what are the odds? 1 Damage].

[Round Three] - Party Initiative

The smell of burning flesh fills the chamber, and those within, already half-blinded by the smoke from the previous fire, begin to the feel the effects. "Urgh," mutters Locky, stomach churning as he struggles to his feet. He staggers forward and clutches at the railing, trying to find a target for his sling. Unwilling to fire at the concealed and engaged creature near Maro, he aims at the southern chamber. A hit! [2 Damage]

It's the last straw for Ohwatoo, stomach heaving he trots out of the room, past the green-faced Durego, and calmly blows chunks in the hall. This is enough to set off the cleric, who leans against the wall and hurls [seriously guys, two natural 1 rolls?]

Ingvild and Rawon both swivel and fire at the southern kobold, leaving Maro to deal with his opponent. The creature slumps behind the pillar, dead. [2 Damage]

Raúguey growls in frustration. debates using crossbow or sword, decides on crossbow. Heedless of Maro, he fires at the last visible kobold, but the bolt shatters against the wall! Maro follows the bolt with a swing of ElfSword, but luck is still against the elf. He misses.

In the hall, Tesso and Dagmarten, along with the still retching Ohwatoo, are gathered by the little side hall. Durego is still by the door, and Mordikarr is still watching to the north. "What is that god-awful smell?" mutters Tesso.

"Raúguey... lit... the corpses." gasps Durego.

The kobold clutches its crossbow and darts to the door, which Maro now sees is ajar. "No you don't!" he shouts, taking another swing at the fleeing creature, missing AGAIN! [dice really hating the party today].

There's a sudden growling shout from the south, Goblin by the sound of it. Everyone can pick out the name Kaglagara in the cry. "That's probably not good," thinks Maro, who understood the phrase all too well: Minions of Kaglagara, rise and slay!

There is a stirring in the pit. A rotted arm reaches out of the mass of flesh and grabs the ledge in front of Rawon. Another corpse, half-aflame, staggers to its feet. Or is it actually standing? It's hard to tell where one corpse ends and another begins...

"I TOLD YOU IT WAS A TRAP!" shouts Raúguey, as the mass of corpses stirs and shifts.

OOC: More or less NW to SE....

Maro is in the NW chamber, eyes locked on the door leading W, where the kobold just fled. Locky is beside the pit in the NW chamber, clutching the railing to keep himself steady. He doesn't feel so good.

Rawon and Ingvild are near the pit edge in the E chamber. Raúguey is a bit further back.

Durego is puking by the E door of the E chamber. Mordikarr, Ohwatoo, Dagmarten, and Tesso are in the big hall. Mordikarr watching north, Dagmarten trying to help the puking Ohwatoo. Tesso keeping a nervous eye south.

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