Monday, May 5, 2014

Wilds - Out of the Frying Pan...

It's a trap! Of course it's a trap. It's kobolds.

Start Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
Start Status: Back...
Start Location: Blackpool Maze

The Turn

"I'm not crossing deep deep water with ambushers shooting bolts at me!" muttered Durego, then, louder, "We should back out of this mess. Spike those doors, and loop around through the death pit. Those kobolds have to have come from somewhere, I don't want them at our rear as we try to move forward."

"Good thinking," agrees Ohwatoo. "We should retreat from this fortified position and find another way."

"Smart man and metal man are clever. Mordikarr think they right. Big log too heavy to move when being shot by dog-heads."

At the front, Ingvild looks at Locky. Locky looks at Raúguey, and the trio all shrug. Maro bursts out, "But the necromancer!" He gestures at the forward door. "He's got to be hiding there, beyond those guards!"

"We don't know that," says Locky, "and if there are a half-dozen arrow slits beyond the two we saw, we'll not survive to kill him. That's the goal right? Kill him? Not get killed running a gauntlet?"

Maro glares at the halfling a moment, then his shoulders droop. "You're right. We should secure this space before we leave though. Spikes, quickly!"

Raúguey nods, "Go with Durego, we have this." He digs into his pack, pulls out a pair of spikes and a mallet, and then starts hammering them into the gaps while Ingvild holds the door shut.

Locky and Maro recross the beam. "They're spiking that door. Let's go if we're going."

Durego starts moving cautiously back along the hall, followed by Mordikarr, Ohwatoo, Tesso, and Rawon. Locky and Maro bring up the rear. The echoing wham, wham, wham of Raúguey's hammer sounding behind them. "Well, everyone knows we're back now," mutters Rawon, sipping from his flask.

Dagmarten pauses by the south door. "I'm waiting for Ingvild and Raúguey. We'll spike this door too."

"That's got it!" exclaims Raúguey. "Let's go." He and Ingvild backtrack to the beam and start across.

The thief is already across when he hears something. "Watch out! Something in the Arrow Fort!" Raúguey hesitates, then rushes forward, leaps from the end of the beam to the solid floor beyond, and lands with a clatter of metal. Ingvild is already around the corner and peering through the arrow slit. He hears a squealing cry and click-THWACK! a bolt strikes the wall inside the arrow slit! "They're behind us!" he cries

Durego glances over his shoulder, "Watch out for oil! Hurry! We need to engage them before they pen us in here!" He starts forward at a quicker pace. Mordikarr moves up next to him, then ahead. Maro pushes his way past the others and joins Durego.

At the rear, Dagmarten positions himself at the SE corner of the gauntlet, peering around the bend. Raúguey and Ingvild dash through the door and slam it shut. The fighter fumbles out another spike, and begins to pound it in. "Go, get out of here! I'll finish here!" Ingvild gives a sharp nod, and runs for the next door, slapping his brother on the shoulder as he goes. The pair dart through, followed by another crossbow bolt! It strikes the east wall of the South Hall, narrowly missing Locky, who ducks around the corner. "Where did that come from?!" he shouts.

"Keep moving!" calls Durego, panting in his heavy mail. He and Maro follow Mordikarr into the Bugbear Lair, and head for the doors. As they enter the short hall behind the wild man, Durego's light spills into the hall and the Broken Dais Room beyond, illuminating a pair of kobolds! "Look out!" he shouts, "FIRE!"

Too late. The nearest kobold hurls a dark object neatly through the door. Durego tries to deflect it with his shield, but only succeeds in deflecting it behind him. It lands and shatters at Rawon's feet! A second jug strikes the east wall of the small hall. Something bigger than a kobold leans into the doorway for a moment and leers at Mordikarr, "Kaglagara says burn the pinks!" It tosses a torch into the passage and ducks out of sight. The door swings closed with a resounding THUD, followed by another heavy THUNK!


Mordikarr, Durego, Maro, Rawon, and possibly Tesso and Ohwatoo are likely to be on fire soon. They're all near the north X. Locky is clear and a bit further back. The W door of the short hall has been closed and it sounds like something heavy has been put in front of it.

Raúguey, Ingvild, and Dagmarten are at the south X. Doors A and B have been spiked shut.

There's definitely someone / something in the Arrow Fort, armed with crossbows.

There are at least two kobolds and a bugbear in the Broken Dais Room.

End Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
End Status: And Forth!
End Location: Blackpool Maze

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