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The Wilds - Foul Air

The party is well into it now, with zombies, kobolds, and bugbears popping up everywhere. I'm guessing someone's going to die next turn. Poor Tesso can't dodge to save his life.

Start Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
Start Status: I love the smell of burning flesh in the morning...
Start Location: Blackpool Maze

The Turn

OOC: A recap of the visible / known foes. A kobold went out the W door of the pit chamber. There's something other than a kobold to the S (whatever called forth the zombies), but it hasn't been spotted yet. The other two kobolds have been slain, but there may be more. There are zombies crawling out of the pit.

[Round Four - Party Initiative]

Durego straightens up, takes a deep breath, and shouts, "By Erlinga! Rise friends, the time to slay these vermin is now!" He steps into the death pit room and raises his holy symbol, calling on Erlinga's power to turn the foul creatures. The effect is immediate, and several of the zombies begin to scramble away from the E side of the pit, putting as much distance as possible between the themselves and the cleric. Others seem unaffected.

Maro ducks behind a pillar, ready for another crossbow bolt, eyes on the W door. "Come on! We can't let the necromancer escape again!"

"Doing the best I can," says the nauseous Locky, swinging around the railing and ducking beside a pillar. he fumbles out a flask of oil and hurls it into the pit. The flask breaks, oil spreads over the moving mass and the fire spreads. So does the smoke and smell. "Gaaa!" cries the halfling.

Raúguey ducks behind a pillar, digs into his belt pouch, and yanks out the last dose of his potion of heroism. "This better be worth it!" he mutters, quaffing the draught. He shudders as the potion's energy courses through his veins, then whirls and faces the pit, gripping the Sword of Bees and preparing himself for a great effort...

Ingvild and Rawon fire at the nearest zombies, blinking as the oily black smoke thickens. Ingvild's shot goes wild, and the hapless thief is overcome by the stench. He staggers back stumbling into a pillar and hurling his breakfast. Rawon's shot is true, and the silver arrow flares with blue light as it strikes it's target. Zombie flesh blackens and the creature drops, whack dead! [7 damage plus MAGIC!]

In the hall, green-faced Ohwatoo staggers to the door, wand in hand, spell on his lips. A heavy hand falls on his shoulder. "Me go first." Mordikarr ducks through the door, past Durego, and heads straight for the edge. He swings at a zombie that's just risen from the pit, but his blow goes wide.

Ohwatoo stops just outside the door, "Zombies, very dangerous, you go first," he mutters, struggling against the desire to puke again as a new wave of smoke rolls out the door.

At the rear of the party, Tesso and Dagmarten exchange uneasy looks, and edge into the side hall. "I don't like this at all," says the cleric.

Zombies clamber out of the pit, some fleeing Durego's holy energies, some moving toward the nearest opponents, Rawon, Locky, and Mordikarr [one each]. Rawon and Locky duck the blows aimed at them, but Mordikarr's foe manages to connect with a clumsy fist [2 Damage]. There is still more movement in the pit!

[Round Five - Party Initiative]

"Charge!" shouts Raúguey, headed for the S edge of the death pit. He runs, and leaps for the S chamber, sword in hand. As he passes the two nearest zombies claw at him, and one connects with a lucky blow [4 Damage]. The fighter's leap is... not quite long enough. One foot hits the floor, the other doesn't. Off-balance, his foot slips on the greasy edge, and he topples backward!

Maro sweeps out ElfSword and moves to assist Locky, who swaps sling for sword. Both ignore the fleeing zombies and focus on their remaining foe. Neither can connect! Mordikarr and Rawon (switching to sword) attack their respective foes as well, both connect [5 Damage each]

Durego moves up and pulls the still-retching Ingvild out of the fray. He takes a swing at Rawon's foe, a glancing blow [2 Damage].

At the door Ohwatoo can barely see Mordikarr and Durego through the smoke. When Ingvild staggers out of the murk, he grabs him and pulls him out of the room, and says, "Tesso, watch him!" The mage debates using his wand, but the party seems to be holding its own right now, so he holds off.

Dagmarten moves to assist Ingvild, and Tesso takes another look out in the big hall. "AHHH!" he shouts, staggering back from the corner with a crossbow bolt sticking out of his shoulder! He collapses to the ground, unconscious!

"They're behind us!" shouts Dagmarten, pulling Tesso back against the wall.

A hulking form looms out of the dark and smoke in the big hall. A halberd flashes, catching Dagmarten from behind [2 Damage]. Squeaky cries from the south indicate more kobolds incoming!

At the pit, and in the pit, the zombies attack, swinging with fists and clawed fingers at the nearest party members, Rawon, Locky, Mordikarr, and Raúguey in the pit, only Rawon is struck [2 Damage]. Then something else rises in the pit, something bigger, and fouler. A worm-like amalgam of rotten flesh and charred bone. This hideous corpse-slug towers above Raúguey and then slams forward, hammering at the fighter with skull tipped protrusions! [1 hit, 3 Damage]

[Round Six - Foe Initiative]

Raúguey struggles to his feet in the pit, facing off against the corpse-slug. To his left the last oily flames die out, and the sounds of combat surround him. A hint of motion alerts him, and he ducks, just as a halberd sweeps in from above and behind! He manages to avoid the blow, and swings desperately at the bugbear. The Sword of Bees releases its swarm! [7 Damage] The zombie-slug lashes at the fighter again scoring another hit! [4 Damage] and another zombie in the pit attacks as well, connecting with a fist [3 Damage].

The bugbear towering over Dagmarten strikes again but Dagmarten manages to stagger out of the way. Two crossbow bolts streak out of the south chamber of the death pit, but both are wild shots. A third bolt comes from the W door, slamming into the pillar behind Maro. "Cursed kobold!" shouts the elf as he and Locky swing at their zombie foe again. This time both hit [9 damage total] and their foe falls.

Ohwatoo fires his wand, and a magic missile strikes the bugbear in front of Dagmarten! [3 damage]

Rawon, Durego, and Mordikarr continue to fight their two foes. Elf and cleric score hits [a lot] and one zombie falls. Mordikarr hits as well, [5 Damage] and his foe falls as well!

In the hall, Dagmarten and green-faced Ingvild attack the bugbear with quarterstaff and short sword. Amazingly, both score hits! [11 Damage] The creature bellows its dismay but presses the attack!

OOC: Well this is complicated.

Mordikarr, Rawon, and Durego are in the E chamber, with no foes in front of them.
Raúguey is in the pit at the south edge. The zombie-slug, and at least one other zombie are engaged from the pit, a bugbear is attacking from the S chamber.
Maro and Locky are in the W chamber with no obvious foes.
Dagmarten and Ingvild are facing a bugbear at the end of the little hall leading to the death pit. Ohwatoo is behind them.
There are more kobolds in the big hall, the S chamber and one (at least) out the W door of the W chamber.
Several zombie fled W and S. There may be more in the pit.
The death pit is now extremely noxious. Smoke, corpse-stench, and more smoke...
The fires are, for the most part, out.

Raúguey 17
Rawon 5
Mordikarr 2
Maro 1
Dagmarten 2
Tesso 8 (unconscious)

End Date: September 1, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
End Status: Smells bad!
End Location: Blackpool Maze

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