Friday, May 9, 2014

PBE Games - New Release Roundup

Here's a summary of recent PBE Games releases, including a bunch of Uncommon Ground textures, new Dungeons in Blue geomorphs, and a new One Page table. Starting with Uncommon Ground:

I've also released the Uncommon Ground Sampler, a set of six one-off color variants of existing texture packs, available as a pay what you want package. These are all new color schemes, not available in the base texture packs they're taken from. As a whole they provide a no/low cost intro to the series.

Uncommon Ground Sampler Preview
For Dungeons in Blue, I've released three new geomorph sets that introduce cross-tile water features. Each tile in Set M, Set N, and Set O includes a river or lake / sea feature that crosses between tiles (and these three tile sets are available in a discount bundle here). All these features are seamless with similar water features, though obviously they do not tile well with standard tiles. Cross-tile water features are one of three new tile borders I'm working on now. The other two are grand hallways and grand caverns, double-wide passages that link up in the same manner as regular tile edge passages. I'll also be putting out a number of transitional tiles to deal with standard / grand passage linkages. Lots of new stuff Coming Soon (TM). Also, be sure you check out the Tile of the Week series right here on the blog. Each week I'll be publishing one or more new tiles, all compatible with Dungeons in Blue. This week's entry, for example, is a pair of cross-tile river geomorphs.

Dungeons in Blue Set O Preview

Last up: One Page #18 - Minor Powers which features ready-to-use mundane and magical powers and feats for your fantasy role-playing game. Give your players a little perk or add color to a favorite NPC with these abilities!

That's it for today. As always, thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

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