Saturday, May 31, 2014

PBE Games Latest

It's been a busy few weeks, and I've had my head down finishing off some new Dungeons in Blue geomorphs, plus a couple stand-alone maps in a new black and white style. I've also released a pile of stuff along the way, so let's get right to it, starting with some new Uncommon Ground textures.

Scribbled Ink and Flowing Flame are two-color hatching patterns, both flowing and abstract. Encrusted Stone is a full-color rock texture with mottled... stuff on the surface. All Uncommon Ground textures come in four color variants, all tile seamlessly.

Next up is a set of Dungeons in Blue geomorphs, Grand Hallways. I recently introduced double-wide geomorph connections, and this 24-tile set is focused on the worked versions of these passages. In addition to basic intersections and straight hall runs, it includes a number of transition tiles to connect grand hallways with single-width passages. I'll be releasing a similar set for natural tunnels, Grand Caverns, very soon (next week I hope).

Finally we come to Traitor's Cavern, a two-level dungeon map depicting natural caverns that have been worked and expanded into a small network of chambers and rooms. The caverns are sparsely decorated with natural debris and a few permanent constructed features, leaving plenty of space for the GM's own
additions. The map pack contains:

  • Player and GM maps (with / without grid), and a distressed player-handout map, in virtual tabletop format - JPG, 75px per five-foot square.
  • Player and GM maps (with / without grid), and a distressed player-handout map, in reference format - PDF, four five-foot squares per inch.
  • Map notes and a brief history of Traitors' Cavern.

That's it for new releases. The next couple weeks should see Dungeons in Blue - Grand Caverns, more Uncommon Ground textures, three more Dungeons in Blue tile sets, and Black Sage Mine, another map pack similar to Traitor's Cavern.

Let's finish things off with some images...

Grand Hallways - One-third scale preview
Uncommon Ground - Encrusted Stone preview
Black Sage Mine cover
Aaaand, that's it for today! You can find these, and the rest of PBE Games' stuff, right here on DriveThruRPG. As always thanks for checking this out. Have a great weekend!

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