Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Diablo 3 - Cursebreaker

Time for another concise achievement list! This table summarizes all the Cursebreaker achievements, act by act. It includes name, location, type, and if the event is available as a bounty (if confirmed - there are several entries that are still question marks). You can find more Diablo 3 pages here.

Cursebreaker of Tristram
Cursed Cellar Chest Old Tristram Road / Old Ruins, Damp Cellar Y
Cursed Grove Chest Fields of Misery, Secluded Grove Y
Cursed Hatchery Chest Caverns of Araneae Y
Cursed Mill Shrine Fields of Misery, at Exit to Drowned Temple Y
Cursed Bellows Chest Halls of Agony Level 3 Y
Cursed Court Chest Cathedral Level 2 ?
Cursed Chamber of Bone Shrine Cathedral Level 1 Y
Cursed Camp Shrine Southern Highlands Y
Cursebreaker of Caldeum
Cursed Outpost Chest Howling Plateau Y
Cursed Spire Chest Unknown Depths Y
Cursed Battlement Shrine Howling Plateau Y
Cursed Pit Chest Storm Halls Y
Cursed Archive Shrine Vault of the Assassin ?
Cursed Shallows Shrine Flooded Cave Y
Cursebreaker of Arreat
Cursed Garrison Chest The Battlefields ?
Cursed Glacier Shrine Fields of Slaughter, Icefall Caves Y
Cursed Caldera Shrine Arreat Crater Level 2 Y
Cursed Depths Shrine The Keep Depths Level 2 Y
Cursebreaker of the High Heavens
Cursed Chapel Chest Silver Spire Level 2 Y
Cursed Dais Shrine Gardens of Hope, 1st Tier Y
Cursebreaker of Westmarch
Cursed Bone Pit Chest Westmarch Heights, Repository of Bones Level 2 Y
Cursed Forum Chest Westmarch Commons Y
Cursed City Shrine Passage to Corvus Y
Cursed War Room Chest Pandemonium Fortress Level 1 Y
Cursed Peat Chest Paths of the Drowned ?
Cursed Realm Shrine Battlefields of Eternity Y

Happy monster bashing!

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