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Diablo 3 - Act V Books and Dungeons

Another concise summary for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls achievements. This post covers the book and dungeon locations for Act V. The achievements are Dungeon Master, People Finder, Field Research, and Historian of Westmarch. You can find the rest of the Diablo 3 posts here.

Dungeon Master

Plague Tunnels 1 / 2 Westmarch Commons
Repository of Bones 1 / 2 Westmarch Heights
Perilous Cave 1 / 2 Paths of the Drowned
Caverns of Luray 1 / 2 Paths of the Drowned
Realm of the Banished Battlefields of Eternity (defeat the Realm Walker)

People Finder

Lord Kertis's Journal Lord of Fools event, Paths of the Drowned
The Horrible Secret House of Deep Sorrow, Westmarch Commons
The Ravings of a Deranged Mind House of Madness, Westmarch Heights
The Grand Maester's Proclamation Templar Quest
Urzael's Journal, Part 1 Westmarch Commons (satchel)
Urzael's Journal, Part 2 Gideon's Row (satchel)
Urzael's Journal, Part 3 Gideon's Row (satchel)
The King's Journal, Part 1 Contested Villa, Westmarch Commons
The King's Journal, Part 2 Clyfton Hall, Westmarch Heights
The King's Note to Lord Wynton Wynton Courtyard, Westmarch Commons
Adria's Journal, Part 1-9 Paths of the Drowned / Blood March (satchel)
The Testiment of Rakkis, Part 1-9 Passage of Corvus / Ruins of Corvus (satchel)
The Testament of Inarius, Part 1-7 Pandemoneum Fortress 1&2 (ancient writings)
The Writings of Lilith, Part 1-4 Pandemoneum Fortress 1&2 (ancient writings)
The Lost Warrior Battlefields of Eternity (corpse)
Sibyl's, Raissa's, and Melaina's Memory Enchantress Quest (conversations)

Field Research

The Last of the Ancients False Passage to Corvus, Last Ancients event
The Great Weapon Battlefields of Eternity, Great Weapon event
Malthael's Plan Tyrael, just before ram in Breaching the Fortress quest
Grand Maester's Journal Secret Templar Stronghold, Templar Quest
Miser's Will Miser's Hovel, Westmarch Commons
The Souls of Westmarch Zakarum Cathedral
Urazel's Trap Westmarch Commons, Walk in the Park event
Adria's Note After killing Adria
The Path of Wisdom, Part 1-6 Pandemoneum Fortress 1&2 (satchel)

Historian of Westmarch

The History of Westmarch: GeneralSurvivor's Enclave, Diadra's Satchel
The History of Westmarch: Part 1 Quest: Westmarch
The History of Westmarch: Part 2 Quest: Souls of the Dead (Talk to the Mystic)
The History of Westmarch: Part 3 Quest: The Harbinger (stage TBD)
The History of Westmarch: Part 4 Quest: The Harbinger (stage TBD)
The History of Westmarch: Part 5 Quest: The Witch (stage TBD)
The History of Westmarch: Part 6 Quest: The Battlefields of Eternity (stage TBD)
The History of Westmarch: Part 7 Quest: Breaching the Fortress (stage TBD)
The Plague Tunnels Plague Tunnels, Westmarch Commons (satchel)
Deserter's Journal, Part 1-5 Caverns of Luray, Paths of the Drowned
The History of Pandemonium, Part 1-4 Battlefields of Eternity (angelic scrolls *)
The Discovery of Sanctuary, Part 1-3 Battlefields of Eternity (ancient corpse *)
Nephalem Rifts Complete a rift

Note that some sites claim angelic scrolls and the ancient corpse cannot appear on the same map. This is not true (confirmed multiple times).

Unconfirmed: Only one ancient corpse can appear on the map at a time.

As always, corrections / additions welcome!

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