Monday, January 6, 2014

PBE Games Flash Frozen Sale!

tl;dr: All PBE Games individual products are now 20% off on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

Well the polar vortex / winter storm Ion is here, and it's minus 9F with gusty winds. I have a nice snow drift across my front door, and I'm wagering this is all because I ordered a replacement hard drive for my desktop 2nd day delivery!

Rather than complain about the weather I decided to have some fun with it, so while I'm outside freezing my fingertips off as I clear the driveway, you can get 20% off all individual PBE Games products. That includes the two latest releases, One Page Number Twelve : Dungeon Junk, and Dungeons in Blue - Small Dungeons #5, which were just released this past weekend.

The sale ends when the temperature at my local weather station breaks 0F.

Keep Warm. Don't Starve.
Aaand, the sale is done. I neglected to update prices last night, but the temperature this AM was a blistering 11F, so definitely above zero. Hope you found something good.

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