Friday, January 3, 2014

PBE Games - First 2014 Releases

After dealing with New Year's computer failure, I managed to get the first two products of 2014 out the door. Of course as I was working on uploading the files, I realized I hadn't updated product IDs on the new releases to reflect the new year, so I had to tweak a few files. Products 1051 - 1053 are lost forever. Not that it really matters to anyone but me of course -- who notices product IDs? Anyhow, here's the new stuff:

  • One Page #12 - Dungeon Junk offers twenty piles of possibly useful trash, ready to plug into your labyrinth. Who knows what your players will use it for?
  • Dungeons in Blue Small Dungeons #5 - adds another stand-alone / geomorph hybrid map to the mix. As usual there are player and GM versions of each map, along with the usual map key, preview image, and readme file.
That's it for new products, but not for the day. With bitterly cold weather ahead, I'll be making some chili today for sure!

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