Friday, December 20, 2013

Wilds - Downtime

I haven't posted anything new from my Labyrinth Lord PBEM Wilds game in a while, because we're on a bit of a break. With the holidays approaching participation was down, and a couple players have lost interest in continuing. Right now the plan is to pick back up after January 1 and see where we stand.

As for Locky and Mordikarr, the PCs of those who have bowed out, well, I expect they'll end up something like this...

We just passed turn 100 in the game, which means 50+ weeks of two per week turns. That's a long time to play at the glacial pace of PBEM, so some losses are not surprising. We'll have to see if we have enough momentum / interest to keep going, or if we'll move on to something new.

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