Friday, December 13, 2013

PBE Games - Catching Up

I failed Marketing 101 last week, because I didn't announce the new stuff. Here's the list from this week and last:

I'm working on rounding out the terrain-based tables over the holidays. Mountains and hills are done, with arctic, wetlands, and jungle in the works. I also have two dungeon-based One Pages plus the next three Dungeons in Blue Small Dungeons almost ready to roll out.

Lastly, I'm working on a quick set of Dungeons in Blue tiles that are simple corridors and intersections. One of my customers noted a distinct lack of plain connections, so I thought I'd pull together a quick set to fill the void. This should be done later today.

Edit: aaaand done! Corridors and Intersections is now available as pay what you want.

That's it for today. Have a good weekend!

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