Friday, November 1, 2013

PBE Games Q3 - 2013 / New Releases

I was looking at my product spreadsheet this morning, and was surprised to see I'm up to 30 published products so far this year, not counting free / bundle items. When I started this project up in February, I expected to put out a title a month, but when I started doing maps, the pace really picked up. Of those 30 products, 19 are virtual maps.

Here are the numbers for the quarter.

Nothing major to say about this, other than to repeat the observation that people will always buy free titles. The Master List, which is a PDF product listing for all Dungeons in Blue stuff, plus some sample tiles, has been "purchased" 650 times, and continues to garner sales.

The earliest product releases have now been on the shelves for over six months, and I've started applying standing discounts to those first products to encourage long-tail sales. At the end of this quarter I discounted Tome of Names One, Two, and Three (and the related bundle), plus The Tombs virtual map.

That's all the old, now on to the new, this week's releases:

  • One Page #5 : Tricksy Traps! is a bundle of dangerous, annoying, and unnerving container-based traps for use in any fantasy RPG. Each of the twenty entries includes a description of the device and its effects.
  • Small Dungeons #2 is both a stand-alone dungeon map, and a Dungeons in Blue geomorph-compatible double tile. Each Small Dungeons product includes two versions of a ready-to-fill dungeon, the first a self-contained map suitable for a delve or two, the second adds corridors and rooms that provide connectivity with other Dungeons in Blue tiles.
Aaand, that's a wrap. Thanks for reading as always. For those wondering what's happening in the Wilds,  the party managed to get split up, and they're still trying to find each other. I don't want to post anything that might be a spoiler. I expect things will be resolved, one way or another, early next week. If not, I'll send in the ninjas. Or troglodytes. Have a good weekend!

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