Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PBE Games - New Releases

New Dungeons in Blue geomorphs. Lots of new geomorphs. Here's the list:

  • Set G - Twelve tiles in assorted sizes.
  • Set H - Nine 100x100 foot tiles.
  • Set I - Twenty tiles, 50x50 foot and 50x100 foot.
  • Triple Pack Three - All the above in a discounted bundle.

Here are a few preview images at one-third scale:
Set G

Set H

Set I

The Master List has also been updated to include all available Dungeons in Blue products.

That's it! This is probably the last post until next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. My Wilds game is on hold, and I'll be in food coma anyhow. Enjoy the holiday if you celebrate it!

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