Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Have Powers - Minor Powers

One of the things I've done in my current Labyrinth Lord game, is give each main character a small perk power that matches up with their character concept. These are simple bits that may or may not be useful in play, but give each player a little something to call their own. Some of these were adapted from other systems, some adapted from spells, some were just made up.

Here they are...

The archer using Deadeye focuses on the perfect shot. The next successful ranged attack made when Deadeye has been invoked does maximum possible damage. Deadeye can be invoked once per day, and lasts until a successful ranged attack is made or the combatant fails to fire a missile for one round.

Hasty Dodge
When using Hasty Dodge, a character gains a +1 bonus to AC that lasts until they are struck by a melee attack, or until they engage in melee themselves. This power can be invoked once per day.

Power Attack
Once per day the fighter may use Power Attack to enhance their melee prowess. Once active the fighter attacks relentlessly. Their next successful attack inflicts additional damage equal to the amount the attack roll surpassed the required to hit value. Power Attack remains in effect until the fighter does not attack for a round, or the power is applied to an attack.

Protect the Weak
A granted power of Erlinga [goddess of blind justice in my game]. Once per day the cleric with this power may invoke Erlinga's name to grant protection to an injured ally. Any creature attempting to attack the protected ally must make a saving throw versus magic to carry out that action. The protection is broken if the ally engages in offensive action.

Smile and Nod
The character with this ability has learned to cover their lack of social graces with a pleasant smile and sharp observation. This quiet insight grants the character an enhanced ability to detect falsehoods and lies. Any attempt to lie during a conversation with the character allows a Charisma check to detect the lie.

Vision of Magic
This power allows the magic-user to see the aura surrounding magical items. Using the power requires a half-hour's meditation after dark, with any object scanned lit only by natural firelight. Any magical item within sight will have a faint but colorful aura surrounding it.

Voice of the Dead
Those haunted by the dead sometimes gain this unique ability. Once per day a character with this gift may attempt to learn one true fact from a dead being with a successful Charisma check (modified by the length of time the being has been dead). This power can only be used on once-sentient creatures, and only once per dead thing.

You can find these and more in One Page #18 : Minor Powers on DriveThruRPG!

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