Thursday, October 24, 2013

PBE Games - Three is Better than Two

I managed to get out three new products this week, though one is kind of a cheat, being a bundle of Dungeons in Blue stuff.

First up is One Page #4 - Curious Mundane Objects, the latest One Page, which contains twenty strange objects you can use to confuse or baffle your players! Place them in a local curio shop, a mage's laboratory, or a treasure vault to add a touch of weirdness to your game.

Entries & Exits Two one-third scale preview
Then it's on to Dungeons in Blue with two new releases, Entries and Exits Set Two, which contains a dozen geomorphs featuring dungeon entrances, exits, and level transitions. This is also the final product in the big Parts and Pieces Pack, which includes all the assorted special tile and icon pack products I've released to date (at a discount of course).

I'll be spending the rest of the morning updating the Dungeons in Blue Master List with the latest product listings and projected new product releases. November / December should see three new tile sets and an accompanying bundle deal. Of course there are already two more Small Dungeons on the schedule to go with Small Dungeons #1, and I'll likely add a three-map bundle to the lineup as well.

That's about it for news today. Thanks for reading, happy gaming!


  1. I am picking up the bundle pack tonight. Great work

  2. just got it. looks great. gonna try some solo dugeoneering, B/X style!!!

  3. Ahh, sweet! I'd be curious to see how that goes.


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