Thursday, October 10, 2013

PBE Games - Double-header Two! Two is Better than One, Right?

Well I managed to find a bug in the file-update mailing system on DriveThruRPG today (I really can break anything). Seems when you put URLs in the customized portion of an email  message for a product file update, the URLs get turned to useless goo, as the process strips off the http header and host name. Doh!

Right, so new stuff this week. First up is One Page #2 : Outdoor Oddities and Landmarks. This is a table of twenty strange landmarks, terrain features, and odd constructs ready to plug into any outdoor adventure. Each includes a brief description of the oddity and many include features that can be leveraged into clues or hints by the GM. As promised, this product is up as pay what you want for a limited time.

The second new release is Edges and Alcoves Two, which contains a dozen more Dungeons in Blue geomorphs. All these tiles have entry / exit points on one edge only, so you can bring your dungeon to a sensible close.

I also updated The Master List with links to all available products and projected release dates for the next five or six tile sets (see above note for broken-link warning - sorry if you received one of those). It includes the first mention of...

Small Dungeons

Sometime before Halloween I'll be releasing the first Small Dungeons product for Dungeons in Blue. Small Dungeons are 100x200 foot ready-to-fill maps that come in two flavors, stand-alone, and geomorph-ready. You can use them by themselves as a one-shot dungeon, or combine them with other geomorphs for a full megadungeon experience. Here's a one-third scale peek at the first Small Dungeons map, showing both the stand-alone and geomorph-ready versions.

Click to embiggen

Have I typed 'dungeon' enough in this post?


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