Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dungeons in Blue - Icon Pack One Released

The first icon pack for Dungeons in Blue virtual tabletop geomorph tiles is now available!

This product contains over 75 map icons designed for use with Dungeons in Blue geomorph tiles and your favorite virtual tabletop software. Icons are drawn using the same style and scale (100px per five foot square) as the original maps, allowing you to quickly and easily customize your map. The icons in this pack include:

  • Trees, altars, statues, and pillars
  • Boulders, individual and arranged in piles and markers
  • Slime patches and stalagmites
  • Grates, curtains, and cages
  • Pits, wells, stairs, and pools
  • Normal, trap, and false doors
  • Wall and floor tiles to cover unwanted features

This product also includes a copy of the latest map key. You can check it out right here, right now, and if you're an impulse buyer, you can use this link to pick up the product for $1.29 between now and September 15th, 2013, a 25% discount off the regular price.

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