Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wilds - Tick TOCK!

Last turn, the party was ambushed by some multi-legged creatures that had been lurking in the trees above their camp. Let's see how that works out... Who lives? Who dies?

OOC: Raúguey and his original attacker have resolved their surprise round. There are five creatures that you can see. The remainder get a free action, then we'll be in standard rounds.

As everyone scrambles to grab weapons the creatures scuttle / hop / creep toward their chosen victims and attack! Two close on Durego, the first attacker turns to face Raúguey again, a fourth closes with Maro, and a fifth is causing panic among the mules. The two creatures near Durego close in and the cleric sees a weird needle-like mouth between two thick palps as the creatures strike... and miss! The creature amidst the mules attempts to clamber onto one of them, but the beast is having none of that, and bucks it off. Maro is less lucky, his foe clings to his leg and stabs him with its cruelly-barbed mouth. [1 Damage]

Round One - Party Initiative

Maro prepares a spell!

As Mordikarr readies his weapon he focuses on the nearest creature, one engaged with Durego, trying to find any hint of intelligence in the alien multi-eyed gaze. He's never tried to speak with an insect or arachnid before, and he's never seen one so large. He reaches out with a calming thought and feels... hunger, powerful hunger, and a desire for blood. There is no mind there, just a need to devour and suck warmth and life. Suddenly, he makes the connection. "Blood drinkers! Like little things that cling to skin and fur!"

Ohwatoo shouts, "Ticks! Giant ticks!" as he digs into his pouch and pulls forth a glowing stone that illuminates the scene. He drops it onto one of the logs the group was using as a seat, and takes position behind Mordikarr. "Cover me!" The wild man gives a nod.

Maro's spell, magic missile, streaks forth and hits his leg-hugging foe, which seems content to cling in place. [6 Damage] "Get this thing off me!"

Durego shouts, "Gorvil, try and pin one so it can't bite anyone else!" as he swings at his nearest foe, a solid hit! [5 Damage]

Gorvil takes a stab at Durego's other foe and also scores a hit! [6 Damage] The creature is pinned, at least for the moment, "Try and finish this one off!" he shouts.

Ingvild and Dagmarten both oblige, closing with the creature and attacking. Ingvild's blade slides off the creature's leathery hide, but Dagmarten lands a blow with his quarterstaff. [4 Damage]

Raúguey circles his attacker warily and swings the Sword of Bees, but the tick scuttles aside. Locky joins Rawon and heads for the creature among the mules. Both attack and Rawon scores a hit [6 Damage]

Jonquil takes a swing at the creature nearest Durego, while Saurabh grabs a burning brand from the fire and attacks the creature near Raúguey. Both are ineffective. The tick returns the favor, trying to bite Saurabh as he gets too close. The cleric dodges aside just in time.

Meanwhile Durego's nearest foe tries to take another bite, and this time it manages to sink its proboscis into the cleric's hip. [1 Damage] The pinned creature wrenches itself free, scrambles toward Gorvil, and stabs him with a needle-bite. [4 Damage] "Urk!" says the fighter, as he collapses. [Poor Gorvil, never conscious at the end of a fight.]

The creature biting Maro seems content to maintain its hold. "Good," thinks the elf, "at least it's not biting again." Then a wave of dizziness sweeps over him, and he realizes the thing is draining blood! [5 Damage]

The last creature among the mules tries once more to bite a beast of burden, but the four-legged foes are having none of it. Rocky the cantankerous mule tries to kick out at the thing as it attacks, but the blow goes wide.

Round Two - Enemy Initiative

Ohwatoo prepares a spell!
Maro prepares a spell!

All three creatures that have bitten targets take a solid sluuurp of blood from their victims [3,2,6 Damage to Maro, Gorvil, and Durego, respectively] The one among the mules tries to bite Locky but the plucky halfling manages to dodge aside. The one nearest Raúguey hops forward and tries to bite him. Ouch, the needle-jaws sink in! [3 Damage]

Both magic missile spells streak toward the same target, the creature attached to Maro. [8 Damage total]

Raúguey finds it impossible to use his two-handed weapon against his own foe, so he leaps to Maro's side and hacks at the creature attached to the elf, but misses! Mordikarr and Saurabh follow Raúguey, each aiming careful blows at his passenger, both scoring hits! [9 and 2 damage respectively] Meanwhile Dagmarten and Ingvild pound and hack at Gorvil's parasite, and Ingvild scores a hit [2 HP]. The creature twitches and goes still.

Jonquil tries to stab the creature attached to Durego while the cleric simultaneously tries to prevent himself from being skewered and pound the creature draining his blood. Both miss!

Among the mules, who've pulled pickets and scattered, Rawon and Locky both attack their foe again but both miss. "These things are tough!" shouts Rawon as Locky's blade bounces off the creature's dense, leathery hide. Rocky, who seems quite annoyed with the interruption, kicks out at the creature again, this time scoring a solid hit! [6 Damage. Totally keeping track of XP for mules now.]

Round Three - Enemy Initiative

The three living creatures attached to party members all take a deep drink. [4,2,2 Damage to Raúguey, Maro, and Durego respectively.] The last creature tries to bite Rawon, but misses. [This is obviously the bad-luck tick.]

Durego and Jonquil continue to thump and stab his passenger, but the cleric's hopping and shaking makes it impossible to strike his foe. All miss.

Meanwhile Raúguey hacks at the tick on Maro, while the elf, on the verge of blacking out, pulls out a dagger and tries to stab the creature. Both miss! Mordikarr and Saurabh, joined by Dagmarten, all try to kill the thing on Raúguey. None manage to score a hit.

Among the mules Rawon and Locky (and Rocky) continue their engagement, unsuccessfully. Ingvild joins the fray and he manages to score a hit. [1 Damage - pitiful]

Ohwatoo, out of spells, debates trying out his new toy, but decides to keep it stowed for now. He takes a few steps forward and jabs at Durego's tick with his quarterstaff, a hit! [2 Damage]

OOC: Final status at the end of three rounds

Four ticks remain, all wounded to a greater or lesser extent.
Raúguey, Maro, and Durego are all being drained of blood. Gorvil is unconscious.
Rawon, Locky, and Ingvild (and Rocky) are fighting the last unattached tick.
Jonquil and Ohwatoo are trying to help Durego.
Raúguey is trying to help Maro (who is badly wounded).
Mordikarr, Saurabh, and Dagmarten are attacking the creature on Raúguey.
It's impossible to use a two-handed weapon against a creature attached to yourself.

Durego: 9 damage
Raúguey: 7 damage
Maro: 11 damage
Gorvil: 6 damage

End Date: August 15, Year of the Badger, nightfall
End Status: So little blood!
End Location: West of the second spire


  1. ticks.. um matches? No.. Vaseline? Yah I think that's it, smother him. How big are these things? They're too big to just grab a hold and yoink off?

  2. I know I wouldn't want to yank off a three or four foot long tick!

  3. True. That't big and freaky. But at the same time I wouldn't want people swinging weapons at it while it was hanging on my leg either! I'm no battle hardened adventurer but I imagine I'd freak out completely and just spasmodically try to knock the thing off!


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