Monday, August 26, 2013

Wilds - Mule, Applied Directly to the Forehead!

So how does one level up a mule?

The party continues their fight against the blood-sucking giant ticks that invaded their camp at nightfall.

Start Date: August 15, Year of the Badger, nightfall
Start Status: Eye of the Tiger.
Start Location: West of the second spire

The Turn

Round Four - Enemy initiative

"Oh bother. I have another spell!" Ohwatoo begins casting a spell! [my bad, I got confused on spell counts between Maro and Ohwatoo.]

The three still living, still drinking ticks slam another shot from Raúguey, Durego, and Maro. [5, 4, 5 Damage respectively.] Maro drops to the ground, pale and still. The tick, now much fatter, continues to feed. The fourth tick, facing off against Rocky, Locky, Ingvild, and Rawon, chooses to go for the mule, and once again misses. [I think we should start calling this tick Fasheen.]

Rawon shouts, "Kick it, Rocky! Kick it!" and ducks away from the fight, headed for the downed Maro. As he arrives, Ohwatoo's magic missile streaks from his outstretched hand and strikes Maro's passenger. [6 Damage]

Desperation drives the party's blows now, as they realize how horrible it'd be to be sucked dry in the the middle of nowhere. Locky and Ingvild, along with the enraged Rocky, all swing and kick at Mr. Unlucky. Only the mule hits! [3 Damage - Rocky's totally leveling up if he kills this thing.]

Raúguey and Rawon both swing at the thing attached to Maro, gaining some small advantage because it's now laying still. Rawon scores a solid blow that splits the creature's head and body wide open, releasing a torrent of fresh, sticky blood.

Mordikarr, Saurabh, and Dagmarten all swing at the creature dangling from Raúguey, and both Saurabh and Dagmarten hit, [5 and 1 Damage respectively]. The tick continues to drain blood from the big fighter. Finally Durego and Jonquil hammer and stab at his rider, and both hit! [5 and 2 damage respectively.] Stiiiiill going!

Round Five - Party Initiative

Sensing a shift in momentum, the party presses their attacks. Rocky, Locky, and Ingvild kick and slash at their foe, and the GM is not surprised when only Rocky scores another hit! [2 Damage.] The unlucky tick twitches and goes still, and Rocky takes the opportunity to trample it. Repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Ohwatoo shouts "Hold still Raúguey! Let the others hit that thing!" The mage then proceeds to jab at Durego's tick, along with Jonquil and the cleric himself. Only Durego hits, but it's a solid blow, and his foe twitches and goes still. [6 Damage]

The remaining combatants, Saurabh, Dagmarten, Mordikarr, and Rawon, swing at Raúguey's tick, but only Dagmarten manages a glancing blow to the creature's head. [1 Damage] It's just enough to drop the beast.

"Whew!" says Locky. "Glad that's over!"

"Don't be so sure, there may be more of those things!" gasps Durego, wincing as Jonquil yanks the tick free. "Keep a sharp eye out, and build up the fire a bit!"

Mordikarr growls something at Suren, who begins circling the camp, sniffing and growling. Rawon tosses a few logs on the fire, and Raúguey yanks his own tick off. Dagmarten stoops over Maro and mutters a healing prayer, while Durego does the same to himself. [7 and 4 HP healed respectively]. Maro stirs and mutters something about bugs. Locky tries to calm the mules, avoiding the agitated Rocky, who is still trampling and kicking the tick carcass. The other mules are still fairly close so he manages to reestablish the picket line with Jonquil's help. The rest of the group circles the camp, weapons ready, scanning the trees and brush, but there's no sign of additional ticks. It is an uneasy party that gathers around the fire after the tick remains have been dragged away from the site.

OOC: Each cleric has 1 cure spell left. Wound status:

Durego: 9 damage
Raúguey: 12 damage
Maro: 9 damage
Gorvil: 6 damage (unconscious)

End Date: August 15, Year of the Badger, nightfall
End Status: Well that sucked.
End Location: West of the second spire

Standing Orders

Marching Order (servants march with their leader)

Front: Rawon,Mordikarr, Maro
Middle: Locky, Ohwatoo (Jonquil), Ingvild, Dagmarten
Rear: Durego (Gorvil), Raúguey (Saurabh)

Indoor (Gorvil, Saurabh, Jonquil - guard duty)
Front: Mordikarr, Ingvild, Durego, Raúguey
Middle: Maro, Ohwatoo, Dagmarten
Rear: Rawon, Locky,

1 - Ingvild, Raúguey (Saurabah), Rawon
2 - Maro, Locky, Durego (Gorvil)
3 - Ohwatoo (Jonquil), Dagmarten, Mordikarr


  1. I'd be more worried about running into whatever it is those ticks usually snack on.


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