Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meanwhile, in the Wilds

I haven't posted much on this game lately, because the last couple turns were uneventful, and the party is now back in Auslaug, dealing with XP, gold, equipment, and the like. Of the survivors, the main characters, except the poor elf Maro leveled up to 3rd. Also, using our 0th level adventuring rules, the three hirelings also leveled up. More on that below.

The party hit town with a big stash of precious metal bars, the bulk of which they exchanged with Highcliff Keep's steward -- they'll likely end up minted into coin. When all was said and done, the party had 14.5 thousand gold. That's a lot of cash, but it gets divided among nine main characters plus three henchmen, so its not so much per head.

The party did some scouting for cool stuff to buy, and ferreted out the following items potentially available. Since we're doing PBM, I kept the list pretty cut and dry so far as pricing. We don't have the time or inclination to do haggling and such, we're too busy playing what's on the mules!

Bekki has:
- 1 enchanted spear (accuracy + damage), 600 GP
- 1 wand of magic missiles (unknown charges), 1200 GP
- 1 scroll of magic-user spells (polymorph any object, polymorph self, reincarnation), 2040 GP
Kramo has:
- 1 protective ring, 1300 GP
- 1 magical sword (accuracy + damage, additional magic), 3000 GP
Lorsun has:
- 1 magical sword (accuracy + damage, additional magic), 1800 GP
- 1 potion (heroism), 600 GP
Thambar (via Endesen) has:
- 1 magical shield (defense), 3600 GP
- 1 leather armor (defense), 2300 GP
The priestess of Churla, Aliya Leirfang, has:
- 1 potion (healing) 600 GP
- 1 scroll of cleric spells (restoration), 840 GP

All this stuff was randomly rolled, and as you can see, there's not a lot of detail on that list.

So far the party's plan is to load up on more supplies, head out to the ruined tower, and then investigate the Needle Spire they unlocked with the weird key from the glowing vault.

Oh yeah, I mentioned leveling up 0-level hirelings. Long ago Durego's player ran a game which involved a whole lot of 0-level NPCs, a ship's crew. If a crewman survived long enough to pick up 500 XP, they became and adventurer, and gained a character class. That's how I'm running 0-level hirelings in this game. The three family servants that were along on the adventures so far have been earning 1/2 XP, and they all survived to level up. Since they're officially NPCs, I chose their class based on their attributes and the way they've participated. They had... some pretty bad attributes, so two ended up fighters, and one ended up a cleric. They've more or less moved from hireling to henchman status at this point, so we'll see how loyal they remain. Charisma *is* the dump stat in this party, except for Maro. Everyone loves Maro!

It'll probably take a few more rounds of email to get the party moving again, so until the next turn...

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