Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dungeons in Blue - The Next Round

I'm getting ready to put up the next Dungeons in Blue geomorph packs on DriveThruRPG. The tiles are done and the PDFs are ready, I just need to do a final edit check and review, then pack everything up. Hopefully I can get this done before the DriveThruRPG summer sale starts. Here's what's coming:

Set D contains twenty tiles, ten 50x50 foot and ten 50x100 foot:

Set D one-third scale samples

Set E contains twelve tiles four of each size (50x50, 50x100, and 100x100):

Set E one-third scale samples
Set F contains fourteen tiles, two 100x100, four 50x50, and eight 50x100:

Set F one-third scale samples
Triple Pack Two will contain Sets D, E, and F in a bundle deal.

Of course all three packages come with GM and player's versions of all tiles at 100px / five-foot square resolution, plus a one-third scale summary sheet, a full map key, and a readme PDF.

You can also check out the Master List, a free starter kit with sample tiles, map key, summary preview images and a full Dungeons in Blue product listing.

Andddd... The new tile sets are out!

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