Monday, July 22, 2013

DriveThruRPG Christmas in July

It's that time of year again, DriveThruRPG & company is having their annual Christmas in July sale. This year PBE Games has a few things included in the sale. Here's the list:
  • Deadly Blows - system-agnostic critical hits tables
  • Koslac's Crossing - the map of a dwarf-built fortification for the virtual tabletop
  • The Tombs - the map of a tomb complex for the virtual tabletop
All the above are 25% off usual prices. I've also put Dungeons in Blue - Triple Pack One on sale at 15% off for the duration of the Christmas in July sale.

And if you missed it over the weekend, the next three sets of Dungeons in Blue tiles are now available:

Tile Set D contains a whole mess of smaller tiles: ten 50x50 foot and ten 50x100 foot geomorphs. This set includes three exterior entrances and quite a few level-connection stairs. I've also mixed in a variety of connection layouts, dead-ends and straight-through corridor arrangements to mix in with the usual edge and corner pieces.

Tile Set E provides the standard mix of tiles, four of each size. It also includes a full-sized exterior entrance tile and three tiles with level-connection stairs.

Tile Set F mixes things up again, with two 100x100 foot tiles, four 50x50 foot tiles, and eight 50x100 foot tiles, all in a variety of configurations. This set includes another entrance tile, and several more level-connections stairs.

Triple Pack Two includes all three sets listed above at a 15% discount.

All maps are rendered at 100 px per five-foot square, in ready-to-use PNG-format files compatible with most virtual tabletops. Two versions of each map are provided, one for players, and one for GMs. The GM's versions show additional features, tricks, and traps. Use them as-is, or combine them into larger maps using your favorite image processing software. Of course each set also includes a map key image, a one-third scale summary image of all tiles, and a brief readme PDF.

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