Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Wilds - Into the Storm

Missed a turn last week, and there was a bit of chaos as a result. After the first fight with the beastmen the party was pretty beat up. With a second group approaching fast, and a swirling mass of black storm clouds forming over the big old elm tree to the north, they're desperate to find a way out of the predicament. After trying to sneak southwest to gain a positional advantage, the party realizes they've been spotted. They decide to try and use the oddly compact and stationary storm to cover their retreat...

Start Date: July 9, year of the Badger, before dawn
Start Status: Run again!
Start Location: The Wilds!

The Turn

You run. The elves fan out west to keep an eye on the approaching foes, and to take pot shots at the first ranks. Locky runs ahead to scout for any hidden dangers, while Jonquil and Saurabh try to keep the mules moving and the still unconscious Gorvil in position on Rocky's sturdy back. Ohwatoo attempts to lend a hand, but mostly ends up directing traffic. Raúguey, Ingvild, and Grit form up behind the elves with Durego and Dagmarten a few paces further east. The kits trail along behind Maro, mewling and crying.

Ahead, the storm continues to swirl and build, a black column rising against the faint gray creeping into the sky from the east. "Too close Locky!" shouts Durego as he notices the course the halfling has chosen.

"We'll be fine!" shouts the little guy as he reaches the edge of the storm and starts to skirt the eastern flank.

All the while the enemy closes, running at the same loping, leaping pace as the first group. This group (pack?) is scattered, four or five, no six, in a loose line ahead of a more tightly clustered second group. The front wave reaches the edge of the storm just as the party draws even with the big tree on the east side. The beastmen don't hesitate at all [what a terrible terrible brains check result]. They continue their advance, straight through the heart of the storm.


Closer still.

As the first creature passes the tree, there is a blinding flash. CRAK! The rearmost beastman is struck by a lightning bolt from the clouds above! It falls to the ground in a smoldering, boneless heap. The other creatures pause a moment, then charge ahead at even greater speed. In the distance you hear a faint horn-call, but the second group of beastmen is hard to make out, half-hidden by the shadowy storm clouds.

Round One (Party Initiative)

Durego begins casting Hold Person.

With nothing better to do, Ohwatoo, and Saurabh start leading the mules east, away from the storm and approaching foes, the unconscious Gorvil still jostling along on Rocky's back.

"Wait for it..." whispers Rawon under his breath. The lead creatures continue to close, scattering toward the front ranks of the party. At the hastily-arranged signal, everyone fires! [Raúguey, Locky, Grit, Rawon, Nissa, Urúvion, Maro, Ingvild, Dagmarten]. Raúguey, Locky, and Rawon manage to score hits (crossbow, sling, and longbow respectively). All three missiles strike the same target [7 damage total], which staggers, but continues to charge.

Durego's spell goes off, and he targets it as best he can in the confusion. Two of the creatures freeze in comical running/leaping postures, then fall flat.

CRAK! Another bolt of lightning streaks from the clouds above, striking two of the still-moving creatures, both of which are reduced to smoldering heaps.

The last creature, eyes wide, charges forward, desperate to get out of the storm. At the last minute is hurls its spear at Locky, who dodges aside with a not so quiet "EEP!"

Round Two (Foe Initiative)

Still moving, the creature continues to charge, sweeping out another of those heavy, crooked swords. It appears to be headed for Locky, but at the last moment swerves aside and swings at the nearby Ingvild, who is drawing his own blade. A hit! [8 damage].

Dropping crossbows, Raúguey and Grit draw their own swords, and close with the only moving foe. "Slit the bastard's throats!" shouts Grit as he and Raúguey, along with the almost-dead Ingvild swing at the last standing beastman. All three score hits [17 damage total]. The creature howls and drops to the ground, nearly hacked in half.

Round Three (Party Initiative)

With no immediate threat or target in range, the elves peer through the stormy patch. On the far side they can just make out the final trio of creatures stopped beyond the edge of the storm. "Looks like they're not coming through," says Maro.

"We'll see about that," says Grit, who stands at the edge of the storm and yells "COME ON YOU GOOSE-LICKING COWS! COME ON AND GET WHAT'S COMING TO YOU!"

The creatures stand for a moment, and one takes a few steps forward, but the rearmost creature, a massive brute of a beastman, snarls something. The big one stabs something into the ground, and then the three turn and start running again, heading for the trees beyond the storm.

End Date: July 9, year of the Badger, before dawn
End Status: The edge of the storm
End Location: The Wilds!

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