Friday, May 24, 2013

Labyrinth Lord - The Beastmaster

I'm sure this has been done before, but my quick web search didn't turn anything up so I decided to just roll my own. Recently one of the characters in my Wilds game met an untimely end. The player had the opportunity to take over one of the NPCs associated with the party, but wasn't really interested, so after a chat about what he wanted out of his next character, this is what we came up with.


  • Requirements: STR 9, CON 9, CHA 9
  • Prime Requisite: CHA
  • Hit Dice: 1d8
  • Maximum Level: N/A

The Beastmaster is a barbaric human with an affinity for wild beasts. They live on the fringes of the civilized world, outcast by choice, by force of law, or by chance. Their life in the wilderness has made them tough and strong, and their gift requires a certain amount of charm. Beastmasters have the following abilities and characteristics:

  • The Beastmaster fights as a Cleric, and is capable of using all basic weapons. They will not use any complex weaponry, including crossbows, elaborate pole arms, or any sort of gun. They only wear leather or studded leather armor, to allow swift and quiet movement in their wilderness habitat.
  • They use the Fighter saving throws table.
  • In outdoor wilderness they can Move Silently as a same-level thief.
  • They are proficient hunters and trackers, doubling the chance of a successful hunt. They can also track in the outdoor wilderness environment.
  • A Beastmaster lives a simple life, owning only what they can carry.

The Beastmaster's most important characteristic is their natural empathy for animals, which allows the following abilities:

  • Empathy with non-intelligent animals, which allows communication of basic mental state (fearful, hungry, angry). The Beastmaster can use Empathy to calm agitated horses, frighten a guard beast, or enrage a placid bull.
  • Animal Speech with intelligent animals, which allows more advanced communication (depending on the beast). Note that most beasts, even intelligent ones, are not capable of processing advanced concepts or complex plans.

Finally the Beastmaster may establish an Empathic Bond with one or more wild animals, turning them into Companions. These creatures willingly follow the Beastmaster, quickly learning tricks and skills, and actively working with the Beastmaster to achieve his or her goals. Note that if a Beastmaster abuses or mistreats his Companions, they will abandon him.

A Beastmaster can control a beast or a number of beasts whose hit dice total does not exceed the Beastmaster's level, for example a single 2 HD beast or two 1 HD beasts at 2nd level. Beastmasters with high Charisma can use Empathic Bond on additional HD of creatures (13-15 CHA +1 HD, 16-17 +2 HD, 18 +3 HD).

The Empathic Bond between Beastmaster and Companion creatures grants additional abilities as the Beastmaster advances in power:

  • At third level they can use silent mental commands to communicate with companions within sight.
  • At sixth level they can view the world through a companion's eyes, a task which requires complete concentration.
  • At ninth level the Beastmaster gains the ability to form Empathic Bonds with magical beasts.


  1. Very nice. Well balanced and thought out. :D

  2. Thanks! I guess we'll see how the balance plays out. I suppose I need to throw some combat at the party now... ]:->

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Pretty happy with how it's worked so far, but we've really just started testing it out. Be fun once everyone's 12th level or so, and he as a dragon companion... :D


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