Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Wilds - Blood on the Grass

Battle is joined, the trap is sprung, how will things go for the plucky adventurers? Signs point to blood, and there's more trouble waiting in the wings. Let's see how it goes...

Round Three (enemy initiative)

The two creatures nearest Grit close on the Dwarf, the first stabbing again with its spear, the second sweeping out a heavy crook-bladed sword and swinging hard and low. The spear misses, but the blade cuts deep [10 damage]. Horn-blower seems happy to let his companions fight Grit. It starts toward the well-lit figure of Durego to the south, moving at full speed. In the distance you hear other horns sounding, but the burning grass and lantern light make it difficult to see what's happening further out.

Dagmarten grabs Saurabh and starts hauling him away from the conflict, back toward the camp. Urúvion, Nissa, and Rawon all take bow shots at the running figure, and Rawon and Urúvion both score hits! [7 and 5 HP]. Horn-blower stumbles and falls, its momentum carrying a few feet closer to the advancing Durego. Raúguey launches himself toward Grit and his opponents, closing with the sword-wielder. He swings, but the blow goes wide. The big guy mutters, "Stay balanced," under his breath. Grit, bleeding and battered, takes a swing of his own at the spear-carrier, also missing.

Back at camp, Locky, Ohwatoo and Jonquil exchange a few hasty words, then Ohwatoo moves forward and left, with Locky beside him.

Meanwhile, Maro and Gorvil reload their crossbows, Maro cursing all the while...

Round Four (party initiative)

Raúguey and Grit are in the thick of it now. Both shouting as they fight their larger foes. The stink of damp fur (or blood loss) makes Grit dizzy, but he slashes at his foe again, this time connecting [3 damage]. Raúguey, still a bit over-excited perhaps, misses once again. Sensing the two warriors may need some help, Urúvion fires at the figure towering over Grit. The arrow flies true, striking the thing in its eye! [7 damage]. It falls to the ground, twitching.

Seeing Durego moving forward, Nissa shifts forward a bit, hoping for a shot at the approaching enemies. The right flank shifts forward as well, keeping pace with the cleric. The second (or was it third) wave of foes closes on the well-lit cleric, howling as they approach. The folk with missile weapons fire as they approach, Nissa and Locky both scoring hits on the nearer foe [2 and 1 respectively]. The others miss, and both Gorvil and Maro switch to melee weapons.

"What a mess," says Ohwatoo as he contemplates the battlefield and considers where to best apply a magic missile.

The remaining creature on the left flank swings at Raúguey with his glistening crook-edged blade, a hit! A palpable hit! [11 damage]. Raúguey cries out and staggers back a pace, reeling!

In the center, both creatures attack Durego, their momentum providing added force for their stabbing spears. One blow is completely wild, but the other strikes home! [5 damage]. "It's only a flesh wound!" cries Durego, as he counters with his prepared swing, a terrible miss.

Snarling growls from the direction of the tree, its branches dimly illuminated by dropped torches and smouldering grass, hint at the arrival of the final wave of combatants and those nearest the front brace themselves for the worst.

Round Five (party initiative)

Ohwatoo begins casting Magic Missile!

Desperation driving their blades, both Raúguey and Grit swing at their remaining foe. Raúguey misses, but Grit draws blood [6 damage]. The creature staggers and howls, then shudders, howls, and drops the ground as Urúuvion sends another arrow into another eye! [3 damage]

Nissa and Locky both fire at the nearer foe on Durego once again. This time Locky scores the only hit [1 damage]. On the other flank Ingvild (finally in sling range) and Rawon fire at the other creature, Rawon hits [a mighty 1 damage]. Maro and Gorvil move up to support Durego, and the three combatants swing at the two creatures before them. Luck is on the enemy's side it seems, all three miss, perhaps distracted by the wildly swinging lantern in Durego's off hand.

Movement in the shadows beyond the lantern light is the only warning the hapless Gorvil has before a spear flashes into the light, and into his chest. "Urk!" or some similar sound escapes his lips as he falls to the ground. [6 damage DOWN]. One of the creatures in front of Durego howls joyfully as he stabs at Durego, missing. The other turns to face off against the newly arrived Maro, also missing. Another spear flashes out of the darkness and impales Grit, announcing the arrival of the final attackers! [5 damage DOWN].

"MEDIC!" shouts Raúguey, as he turns to face this new, barely seen threat.

Ohwatoo completes his incantation, and a glowing purple bolt streaks past Durego, striking his primary foe [6 damage]. The creature blinks in surprise at the sudden purple light, then snarls and prepares to attack again...

OOC: By your hasty count, all enemy combatants in the near group are on the field. All the creatures in melee are wounded to some extent. With the lantern and burning oil in the grass, it's impossible to make out what's happening in the distant woods unless someone's going to head off in that direction to look. Those that have been in melee with these things realize they are *strong*, easily as strong as Raúguey or Grit. They also smell of damp fur, leather, and blood, much worse than Raúguey or Grit.

Wound status:

Durego: 5 damage
Raúguey: 11 damage
Grit: 15 damage (DOWN)
Urúvion: 2 damage
Gorvil: 6 damage (DOWN)
Saurabh: 2 damage (DOWN)

End Date: July 9, year of the Badger, before dawn
End Status: The tiger by the tail
End Location: The Wilds

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