Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Wilds - Escape from Cold Caves

Twenty turns in, and the party is headed back to town, battered, bruised, and hopefully a bit richer...

With several people down and out, everyone goes defensive as Durego starts tending the fallen. Ingvild calls out for his brother, who comes in and starts helping with the tending. Raúguey runs up to help Rawon, while Locky runs to the other door. He peeks through, sees a cave and what looks like a couple of big nests, beds for the big guys perhaps, and then closes the door, wedging a few fragments of broken chair into the frame to keep it shut. Nissa moves up and seals that door with a spell, while Maro moves up beside Rawon, and does the same there. The thumping from the far side of Rawon's door fades to near silence.

Durego casts his last cure spell on Grit [7 HP], and the dwarf wakes up. "Let me at em!" he shouts, before he realizes the fight is over... Dagmarten casts his cure on Urúvion [2 HP], and the elf remains blissfully asleep.

Freed from the task of guarding the doors, Locky, Rawon, Nissa, and Maro start searching the remains. Each kobold carries a few coins, and the big things each carry pouches, bags really, with many more coins and a few gems between them. You also recover a few weapons, and Ingvild notices that the big sword that sword-thing was using is incredibly sharp.

With three people to carry out [Gorvil, Jonquil, Urúvion], the trip back to the camp is slow going. Even with doughty Grit and powerful Raúguey shouldering the heaviest load, it's dark by the time you get back. You realize it's going to be an uncomfortable night. With the ranks reduced, you put two on watch to insure all the spell casters get their rest and recover their powers. The next morning [the 18th] the clerics dole out more healing. [3 HP Urúvion, 6 HP Gorvil, 6 HP Jonquil, 3 HP Maro]. That brings everyone back to their feet, and on the road back to town. You debate waiting around a day for everyone to recover more, but the most vocal seem intent on setting out in the morning, so you do.

Burdened with a bunch of loot, you move slowly, but the weather is much more cooperative. It's mostly clear and warm, with some thin fog on day two of the trip back. You push hard and make it back after two days of marching [the 18th and 19th]. The clerics do another round of healing on the road back [5 HP Raúguey, 2 HP 6 HP Grit, 5 HP Maro].

It is nightfall when you reach Auslaug and the gates of Highcliff Keep.

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