Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wilds - Boring Stuff

Here's the next turn in my PbP game. It's a bit heavy on the administrative filler, as we're still ironing out a few communications details. One of the problems with PbP games is that it's easy to lose momentum, especially with a large group and players with heavy outside time commitments. We're working on it.

There's also a new version of the map the party found last time. I thought the old one kind of sucked, so I create a new version. Read on for the gritty details.

After a round of debate and discussion, the group decides to spend another day resting so they can return to the caves full of vim and vigor. Following a 'better healed than not' philosophy, Durego uses his two spells to cure Maro and Raúguey [both fully healed]. The rest of the group divides their downtime as follows:

Ohwatoo, Durego, Nissa, and Urúvion are interested in the map, and spend a good bit of time trying to figure out what it represents. The only conclusion they draw is that the swampy area with weird lines on the west half of the map might be Blackpool Maze, and if that's the case, then the stone marker on the east side might be Stonefinger. The map is smeared/blurred by wear and tear, so it's hard to make out more details, but there are two or three little markers in the swamps that might be points of interest. or someone's thumb-print.

Locky, Maro, and Rawon scout around the camp, familiarizing themselves with the area and double-checking the back-trail to be sure it's obscured. While out and about Maro spots a pile of old stone about a mile north of the camp. It looks like some sort of old altar, but none of the intrepid scouts can figure out who it might be dedicated to. Maybe one of the clerics could determine something, but it's pretty weathered and beaten up.

Ingvild and Dagmarten spend the day scraping down the bear-hide. Dagmarten seems to know what he's doing (hey he *is* a cleric of the huntress-aspect), and eventually the rest of the party gives up on making silly suggestions like wrapping the smelly kobold-heads in the most valuable item you've found.

Grit, Raúguey, and the hirelings divide their downtime between weapons practice and sleep.

By the next morning, everyone is feeling healthy and well-rested. Durego and Dagmarten express some interest in checking out the old altar, but Grit, Maro, Locky, and Raúguey are anxious to get back to the primary mission, the Caves. You clean up the camp and hide away everything as best you can, then head out, reaching the entrance just after noon. Everyone is with you, despite Grit's suggestion that you leave some of the hirelings back at camp. Unsurprisingly, no one really wants to sit around by themselves in the woods.

There's no sign of movement at the entrance, so the Elves advance (at least the ones who aren't in metal armor). Hopefully they'll remember that log trap...

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