Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Wilds - There Will Be Blood!

Well, this proved to be a very ugly turn for the party. They found themselves facing off against a couple of nasty foes, and had to pull out all the stops. Who will live and who will die?

Round Four - Party Initiative

Durego begins preparing a spell

Maro and Raúguey continue to circle their foe, trying to keep it off-balance and confused as they attack. Locky shifts around as well, trying to maintain a clear line of fire. "Silly fighters, stop creating a moving target!" All three swing / fire at club-thing. Locky's shot goes wide, Maro misses completely (being more concerned with the blood spattering his tunic), and Raúguey scores a solid hit to the thing's side [6 HP]. It staggers, but remains upright and takes a swing at Raúguey with its spiky club. Ulp, a hit. Luckily Raúguey is already moving and most of the blow is directed where he *was* instead of where he *is* [4 HP]

Urúvion runs forward to engage sword-thing with Grit, switching to scimitar along the way. He finds himself standing on the edge of the slick area by the pool "Ulp!" Both he and Grit swing at the beast, and Nissa takes a shot from the her position by the door. Unfortunately sword-thing ducks the arrow, and Grit gets tangled up in a loose chair from the barricade. Off-balance, he bumps Urúvion and spoils his aim too! Sword-thing focuses its rage on Urúvion, swings hard, and hits! [7 HP] Urúvion drops like a stone.

On the far side of the Barricade, Rawon engages a kobold, one foot still against the door at his side. The blow goes wide. The kobolds attack in return, one with a sword, one with a crossbow. The sword misses, but the crossbow bolt is a palpable hit! [5 HP] Rawon is looking a bit pale.

Ohwatoo, having expended his spells, debates the merits of engaging the big foes, decides it's not really his place, and retreats to the far side of the door, ready to close it should the need arise. "Jonquil! Get in there and fight!" he calls as he takes his position. Saurabh is already running in. He takes up a position near Nissa, and slings a stone at club-thing. A hit! [2 HP] Jonquil follows him in, sees club-thing with its back more or less toward him, charges, and stabs at the thing with his spear. Unfortunately the shaft tangles on the rather bulky pile of gear he's carrying, and he misses.

"Crisis? Opportunity? Crisortunity!" mutters Ingvild as he slides along the wall next to the pool and circles behind sword thing. Moving with agility and grace poor Durego can only dream of, he dances across the slick stone and ends up right behind sword-thing and deftly slides his razor-sharp short sword into the thing's back! [4 HP backstab]

Durego's cure spell goes off, he is feeling better, and considers going for a walk. [7 HP recovered]

Round Five - Monster Initiative

Club-thing senses Jonquil at its back and turns to swing at the hapless spear-carrier. *THWAP* [5 HP]. He drops to the stone floor, unconscious. Maro and Raúguey use the distraction to swing at the enemy's less-protected back. Maro manages to hew the thing's leg clean off! [8 HP] The creature bellows and falls to the floor, stone dead.

Meanwhile sword-thing ignores the pain in his back and swings at the hated dwarf in front of him. There's a moment of bone-crushing pain, then black silence as the dwarf crumples. [10 HP OUCH]. A grin spreads over the creature's hideous face. Desperate not to be the next target, Ingvild strikes at the thing's back again, but his blade skids off the thing's thick hide armor.

Behind the barricade, Rawon tries to stave off the two kobolds. Crossbow seems to be out of bolts, so he draws sword and closes ranks. Both attack, but their puny blows are ineffectual. Rawon swings back with just as much success! There's a faint thumping from the door, and it shakes against his foot.

With club-thing down and most of sword-thing's foes laid low, the ranged attackers have clear shots at the last big foe. Nissa, Saurabh, and Locky all fire at the last obvious target. Whiff. Whiff. Whiff. [Ugh]

"My name is Durego Van. You killed my servant. Prepare to die!" With those words, Durego runs around the pool and charges sword-thing, shield and mace at the ready. Ducking beneath the creature's hasty block, he swings and scores a solid hit to its midsection. [2 HP] It's like hitting a tree.

Round Six - Party Initiative [and that's a good thing]

"I could use a little help here!" shouts Rawon as he swings at the swarming kobolds. This time he scores a hit on the former crossbowman, and cleaves his head off [5 HP]

"Kind of busy!" shouts Durego back, swinging at sword-thing again. Another hit! [3 HP]

"Yeah, busy." whispers Ingvild as he stabs futilely at sword-thing's back.

Missiles fly, and an arrow suddenly sprouts from sword-thing's head! It quivers for a moment, sword raised over Durego, then slumps to the ground, dead. [2 HP] "Help Rawon!" shouts Nissa.

Raúguey and Maro waste no time. They charge as one and slam into the rough barricade, driving it in and forward on top of the remaining kobold, who is crushed beneath falling oak chairs and table-tops. [3 HP impact damage]

Behind Rawon, something continues to thump against the door.

OOC: Well that was painful. Here's the tally as it stands:

2 big things dead
5 kobolds dead
Something trying to force the door open by Rawon.


Raúguey: 6 HP
Grit: 15 HP (unconscious)
Rawon: 5 HP
Urúvion: 7 HP (unconscious)
Maro: 9 HP
Gorvil: 5 HP (unconscious)
Jonquil: 5 HP (unconscious)

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