Monday, January 28, 2013

The Wilds - Here Comes the Boss

After encountering a group of kobolds barricaded behind some tables, the party attacks aggressively. We'll see how that works out for them...
Round One - Monster initiative

"I got him!"
"No you didn't, that was me!"
"Shut up and shoot!"
(loud) "BOSS! THEY'RE HERE!"
/end goblin

More bolts shoot out of the shadows by the barricade. One flies past Durego and embeds itself in the wall near Rawon, another goes low, skipping across the floor. The third strikes Maro, a palpable hit! [6 damage]. Elf, your life force is running out!

With an "Urk!" Maro looks east, then stands firm, crossbow ready to shoot.

Raúguey slides into the shadows, taking position at the corner. "Sure is dark here," he mutters as he turns and takes aim at the barricade.

Durego sends Gorvil forward, puts down his lantern and retreats to the other room. At least that's what he *intended*. Instead he manages to put down the lantern, catch his shield strap on his leg armor, and slip on the glassy floor, all at once. He falls and slides into the icy-cold pool of water! [fumbled that maneuver].

Rawon runs forward, pulling his longsword, and takes up position flanking Gorvil. Grit follows suit, charging forward to Gorvil's other flank.

The plucky halfling runs into the room, lantern in one hand, sling in the other. Seeing Rawon and Grit running south and Raúguey headed east, he follows Raúguey to spread the light-wealth. The big guy waves and shouts "Thanks little guy!" With Locky in position, there's enough light to see the east end of the cave is empty, unless someone or something is being *very* *very* sneaky.

Ingvild hears the splash as Durego slides into the pool, so he ducks around the corner to check it out. He's puzzled by the sight of the cleric's lantern on the ground, but no sign of the cleric. Splash marks on the bank, and black swirling mud in the pool give some clue as to where he might have gone. [how deep *is* that pool anyhow?] The thief crouches and pulls out a hank of fine silk rope. "Hate to get this wet," he mutters as he uncoils a few ells.

Nissa and Ohwatoo follow the crowd through the door. Nissa stops inside the door, bow ready. Ohwatoo takes a few more steps in, scanning for trouble.

Raúguey, Maro, Urúvion, and Locky all fire at the kobolds behind the barrier. Between the tables and allies closing in, it's hard to get a clean shot. Really hard. No one hits anything of note, though Urúvion is rewarded with a glare from Gorvil as an arrow strikes the table right next to him.

Grit, Gorvil and Rawon all swing at the kobolds, who are frantically reloading. Rawon scores a hit on the nearest kobold, gutting it. As he withdraws his blade, movement catches his eye. "Beware the door!"

"I see it!" Shouts Locky, who's noticed the door swinging open [2].

Round Two - Party initiative

Ohwatoo prepares magic missile - he seems to be the only one that's realized both southern doors are opening.

Rawon senses an opportunity and acts. He runs forward to the door [3], and slams into it with his shoulder, forcing it shut. At least that's his intent. He manages to stop it from swinging wide, but something is holding it open.

Gorvil and Grit both attack again. Gorvil misses, but Grit hits, dropping his foe with a hard blow to the shoulder.

Maro senses discretion is the better part of valor. He runs for cover behind Raúguey. He takes a moment to tie a rough bandage around his wounded shoulder.

Raúguey, Locky, Nissa, and Urúvion have no clear shot. They hold their aim, waiting for whatever horror might show itself.

Durego finds himself submerged in black, icy water. When he hit bottom he stirred up clouds of thick mud, and now he can't see a thing. At least there was a bottom. He gropes for the edge of the pool, but all he finds is slick stone. He reaches up, hoping to break the surface, but he can't tell if he actually gets a hand above water. As he thrashes about, his foot slips a bit, and he realizes he's standing on a ridge of stone. He utters a brief, mental prayer to Erlinga as he struggles to maintain his footing.

Ingvild goes fishing for clerics.

Dagmarten and Saurabh confer briefly, and then slip through the door [into G], closer to the action. Maybe their help will be needed. Jonquil slides up too.

The door by the pool slams open, and two hulking figures stride out. They're big, nine or ten feet tall at least, and they're dressed in thick hide armor. One carries a big ol' club with a rusty spike in the end, the other carries a massive sword that it wields in one hand, though even Raúguey would have trouble two-handing it. [yellow is Sword-thing].

Club-thing spots Raúguey, bellows a war cry, and runs straight toward him. Sword-thing closes with Gorvil at a slower pace.

The four missile users take their shots, Raúguey and Locky at Club-thing, Nissa and Urúvion at Sword-thing. Grit and Gorvil take half-hearted swings at Club-thing in passing too. Locky and Raúguey seem to be more motivated, they both hit [4 and 2 HP respectively]. The others miss.

Club-thing hits Raúugey, but the big guy manages to avoid the worst of it [2 HP]. Gorvil is not so lucky. Sword-thing strikes and Gorvil goes down hard [5 HP]. The beast grunts with satisfaction and looks for its next foe.

Two kobolds squirm through the half-open door, and drop to the floor right next to Rawon. Both try to attack, but one is off-balance and manages to knock the other off-balance as well. Both miss. Rawon manages to force the door shut, but he can't tell if there are more foes beyond. He's busy.

The last kobold manning the barricade takes a point blank shot at Grit. A hit! [1 HP]

Ohwatoo completes his spell, and chooses to fire at Sword-thing. [4 HP].

Round Three - Party initiative

Ohwatoo prepares magic missile.

Desperate to get Durego out of the pool, Ingvild ties a loop in the end of his rope and tosses it in. Durego is still groping blindly along the wall, but he manages to latch onto the loop with his off hand. Ingvild starts pulling and backs up a few steps. Durego slides out of the water, coughing and choking.

Nissa and Urúvion both fire at Sword-thing. Both hit [6 and 1 HP]. Locky fires his sling at Club-thing, but misses. "Curses!" he shouts.

Maro and Raúguey switch to melee weapons and engage with Club-thing. Both swing, both blows skid harmlessly across the thing's hide armor. Club-thing hefts its weapon, shouts something in Goblin ["Die Elf!"], and takes a swing at Maro. The elf ducks and the blow whistles over his head.

Grit ignores crossbow kobold and moves forward to meet Sword-thing over Gorvil's prone form. The doughty Dwarf swings with his trusty sword, but the blade catches on the clutter of the table beside him. Sword-things whips its weapon down and catches the dwarf on the shoulder [4 HP].

Rawon swings at one of his two foes, and neatly slices its spine in two. It falls to the ground, still blinking and trying to swing its blade.

The two remaining kobolds attack, one swinging a sword at Rawon, the other firing its crossbow at Grit. Both miss.

Ohwatoo's magic missile spell goes off, and he fires it at Sword-thing [3 HP].

OOC: Gorvil is unconscious. Durego is just getting to his feet. Rawon can't tell if there is anything else beyond the door he's jamming shut with one foot. Damage tally:

Durego 5 HP
Raúguey 2 HP
Grit 5 HP
Maro 9 HP
Gorvil 5 HP (unconscious)

End Date: June 17, Year of the Badger, early afternoon
End Status: The Boss(es)!
End Location: In the Cold Caves

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