Monday, January 14, 2013

The Wilds - Camping is fun!

Another Monday, another turn. Last week, the party made their escape from the Cold Caves, dragging along a bunch of kobold heads (for bounty), a big black bear (hoping for a nice hide), and some miscellaneous loot. We had a bit of a snafu with the mailing list software, so a few regulars failed to respond. Here's the results...

Start Date: June 15, Year of the Badger, early afternoon
Start Status: Bear with us...
Start Location: In camp at the old homestead, a few miles from the Cold Caves

The Turn

"I ain't moving camp!" Grit's growl cuts through the seemingly endless debate. "There ain't no other place near here we can defend. At least here we have the house walls for cover, plus firewood and food. Them elves did a good job covering our tracks, and whatever else is in them caves is gonna think twice before chasing around after whoever beheaded their buddies. We hunker down, set watches, and get rested up. Tomorrow we can figure out our next move."

No one seems willing to counter the dwarf's argument, so the wounded and the spell casters settle in to rest while the others divvy up the first watches. Ingvild and Dagmarten finish their butchery, and Dagmarten is appalled when Rawon suggests burying the bear hide. "This is worth more than all that other stuff, why would be bury a bunch of heads in it?!"

Eventually the heads are wrapped up in an old piece of canvas from the barn, and tossed into the half-collapsed root cellar. The rest of the loot is hidden in the rickety loft of the old barn. Nissa joins Saurabh in examining the blue paste and case after Ingvild checks them over for traps and declares them safe. [HA] They discover the paste is definitely not for healing, as touching it produces a nasty burning sensation. The seal on the case appears to be a simple chunk of wax, so Nissa slices it off with her dagger and carefully pries open the rusty cap. Within are two tightly-rolled sheaves of parchment. One is a scroll of two cleric spells, detect evil, and cure disease. The other is a map! [up soon]

With the treasure poked, prodded, and stowed, everyone settles down to rest, watch, and / or recover. The bear is delicious. "I think you were right Grit. Staying here was a good idea," says Locky. "Otherwise we'd still be hiking to find a camping spot."

Grit doesn't answer, he's sound asleep.

Surprisingly, at least to some of the group, the night passes quietly. There's no sign of pursuit and nothing disturbs the watchers except a raccoon poking at the root-cellar door.

The next morning dawns clear and bright, and everyone is feeling good about the decision to stay put. "Maybe we scared the rest of them away," says Maro, thinking aloud.

"I wouldn't count on it, but we should rest up so we can go in fresh," answers Durego. The others agree, so you rest until mid-afternoon.

OOC: 24 hours rest. Here's the revised wound tally after recovery for the day. Note that 24 hours rest recovers 1d3 HP. No one has expended any spells, and all casters have memorized/prayed for new spells.

Raúguey 5 HP
Grit 1 HP
Maro 4 HP

Revised treasure listing:

Stashed in the barn loft
95 GP
195 SP
2 wooden vials full of a stinky blue paste - burns and stings when touched
1 a rusty metal case (blue wax seal removed)
1 map
1 scroll - 2 cleric spells, detect evil, cure disease
3 gems, 2 small and 1 large, in a velvet bag
1 gold ring - looks like an old human-style wedding band
2 silver cups - tarnished
3 silver platters - also tarnished
2 light crossbows in good shape, 17 quarrels (human made)
4 short swords in good shape (human made)
1 banner of the Acorn Kobolds
1 bear hide

Tossed in the root cellar
17 kobold heads - stinky and bloody


    Raúguey takes 1 light crossbow / 10 quarrels
    Maro takes 3 quarrels to replace lost

End Date: June 16, Year of the Badger, afternoon
End Status: Bear *in* us...
End Location: In camp at the old homestead, a few miles from the Cold Caves

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