Thursday, January 24, 2013

Deeper into the Cold Caves

Another day, another turn in my Labyrinth Lord campaign. The party is back in the Cold Caves, looking for more of the dread Acorn Kobolds, and possibly something bigger. After a brief side trip down the trash tunnel they've returned to the main caves and are pressing on...

As you can see I've touched up the map a bit, adding plates around the names to make them stand out a bit, and placing call-outs for the various rooms. We had a bit of confusion talking about the 'inner' versus 'outer' door in previous sessions, so now we can refer to things by letter.
Start Date: June 17, Year of the Badger, early afternoon

Start Status: Confusion
Start Location: In the Cold Caves

The Turn

"I'm telling you, I heard something," Urúvion says as he and Grit walk back into the first big room [C].

"And I'm telling you I didn't hear nothin' but water. Were *you* going to climb down into that mess?"

"Well, er, I'd rather not."

"I'll go!" says Raúguey, with a surprising amount of enthusiasm.

"Let's just leave it for now. Whatever might be down there seems content gnawing on scraps, and there's plenty of corpses, headless corpses, to keep 'em happy." Urúvion looks a little green around the gills. Actually, Grit does too.

In hurried whispers the party rearranges themselves. A rear-guard set to watch both the trash-tunnel and the way out. Raúguey and Rawon go in and left, to check the dead end. Grit and Urúvion, backed by Durego and Gorvil, go right to the door. Locky, Nissa, and Maro advance with sling / spells ready and hold the middle of the room, Locky swinging left to provide light for Raúguey. Ohwatoo stays on rear-guard with Jonquil, Saurabh, and Dagmarten. Ingvild trails the advance, ready to check for traps on the next door [G->H].

The plan goes off without a hitch, and the group quickly clears the next room. It's empty, and the next door is still closed. Maro calls out, "Hey, weren't there tables in here?"

Locky nods. "Yeah I hid... I mean took tactical advantage of one."

The tables are definitely gone, and Ingvild points at the floor. "Drag marks. Looks like they pulled them back into the next room. Maybe they're having a party and didn't want to invite us."

"I'll bet they have a barricade set up somewhere, or they're blocking the door. Can you check for traps?" Durego sounds worried.

"Sure thing." Ingvild moves up, does his thing, shakes his head no, and then drops back out of the way. As he backs out he calls to Raúguey, "If there's nothing over there, you should go in with Grit."

Everyone is ready. Well, as ready as they can be. Grit grabs the door handle and yanks it open. "Let's go!" He leads the way in and left, followed by Raúguey and Urúvion. Durego, Gorvil and Maro go in and right, followed by Rawon, who takes up a position by the door. Ingvild, Nissa and Locky hold at the door, ready to cover retreat. The rear-guard moves up.

Durego and Gorvil both barely avoid slipping into the pool of water inside the door, the floor is smooth as glass. Gorvil curses softly as he slides forward further than he planned. "Oh dear. I found the tables." Indeed he has, they're set up as a barricade near the south door.
Something moves behind the barricade, and there's excited chittering in the darkness. Crossbow bolts fly out of the shadows [party surprise!] One bolt hits Durego square [5 HP] and another glances off his pauldron, almost knocking the lantern from his hand. A third bolt hits Maro [3 HP].

"Kobolds!" shouts Gorvil, all too aware of his proximity to little guys with pointy things in their hands.

"Move!" growls Grit, as he shifts to close with the kobolds, all too aware of the closed door beside him leading gods know where.

In the outer room, Nissa debates closing the door and casting hold portal. "After all, 17 times 5 gold divided by 7 is much better than 17 times 5 gold divided by 14..."

OOC: The enemy (you assume it's more kobolds) are in cover and beyond clear lantern light. They'll have a fairly good defensive bonus. Also note the east end of H is still dark, I'm just saving some hassle by rounding it out.

Durego: 5 HP
Maro: 3 HP

End Date: June 17, Year of the Badger, early afternoon
End Status: Our chief weapons...
End Location: In the Cold Caves

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