Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Wilds - They're Off

After some starts and stops, the gang in my play by email game is on the road, headed to the Cold Caves to see what's behind the recent attacks on the surrounding farmsteads and settlements. The tea and cakes were delicious. As usual I'll be using TiddlyWiki to manage the game, and writing two main turns a week. We've found this pace gives everyone a chance to participate, including the folks with heavy work schedules.

I'm doing a couple things differently this game. I usually use Fudge as a core mechanic, since I like the fact that I can easily eyeball most any situation and come up with a roll to resolve it, and that it fits most any genre. This game I'm using Labyrinth Lord, pretty much RAW, because I want to do something dungeon-ish and it's easy to get everyone onto the same set of rules.

I've also implemented a way for players to give orders to other player's characters. One of the problems we often face is waxing/waning interest/availability during a long game arc. In responses to each main turn, each player gets five 'director points' which they can use to declare actions for another player's character. When it comes time to resolve action, the highest bidder wins. Of course a player's directions for their own character override any other actions, but I think this mechanic will provide a little subtle pressure to keep people engaged, and allow other players to take some of the load of running inactive characters off the GM. Yes, I am lazy.

And now the party:

  • Durego human cleric of Erlinga, the divine aspect of blind justice. He's accompanied by his servant Gorvil.
  • Ohwatoo the human magic-user. He's accompanied by his servant Jonquil.
  • Raúguey the not-too-bright fighter. He's accompanied (led) by his manager, Saurabh.
  • Locky the hungry halfling.
  • Grit the dwarf mushroom farmer turned fighter.
  • Rawon the drunken wood elf.
  • Maro the high elf, who's really a bit of a slacker, but such a nice guy!
  • Nissa, the high elf. Maro's sister who thinks her brother has far too easy a time of things, and may push him off a cliff if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Urúvion the wood elf. Voted 'most likely to die in the first skirmish' due to poor hit point rolling.
  • Ingvild the human thief, an NPC who met Rawon in the drunk tank.
  • Dagmarten the human cleric, also an NPC and Ingvild's brother. A follower of Agnia the huntress.

So far the group has managed to gather, hit the road, and make their first camp in the wilderness without anyone dying. We'll see how their luck holds.

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