Thursday, November 8, 2012

Starting Gear

I'm starting up a new play-by-email game, using Labyrinth Lord as a base rule set. The first order of business is setting up new characters, and part of that process is gearing up. Here's the starting gear setup we'll be using:

All characters start with 3d8x10 gold pieces. Each character also begins with a backpack containing two small sacks, a bedroll, a waterskin, flint and steel, a spare cloak, and ten days of trail rations. Roll 1d8 on the following list for additional gear.

1)    8 torches, 50' silk rope
2)    2 oil flasks, lantern
3)    1 scroll case, 5 parchment, ink and quill
4)    1 flask holy water
5)    3 days unpreserved rations, wineskin of good wine
6)    1 grappling hook, 50' hemp rope
7)    1 character-appropriate weapon
8)    Roll twice, re-rolling this result

Pretty basic, with some pretty significant variation in value, but hey, it's going to be a somewhat old-school game, so... appropriate.

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