Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Marionette Glove

This item is a single, gaudy glove, made from a mishmash of red, yellow, and blue silk strips and panels. A dozen or so strands of heavy, black thread hang from the fingertips and palm of the Glove, each about six inches long. The Glove's cuff is decorated with fine embroidery done in black and silver thread, and careful examination will reveal a command word written in ancient script hidden in this stitching.

Image courtesy of boskizzi
The Marionette Glove radiates Great enchantment and charm magic, and a Superb test of divination magic will reveal the item's powers, but not the command word required to attune it. Translating this word from the ancient script on the Glove's cuff is a Great test of ancient lore (and the GM may wish to select a campaign-specific language / lore set to use for this test).

Attuning the Glove requires the new owner wear the item, and speak the command word in the original language used to inscribe it. Once this process is complete the owner can make use of the Glove's power.

The Glove's primary ability allows the wearer to take physical control of another being. To gain this control the wearer must touch the target and succeed at an opposed test of will versus the victim. The Glove wearer gains a Superb bonus to their will check in this test. Once control is established the Glove's owner must maintain concentration, holding their gloved hand extended as the many black threads hanging from it twist and jerk, subjecting the victim to their will. They may carry out simple movement or minor tasks (speak a few words, pick up or drop an item), but complex tasks (a detailed conversation, casting a spell, fighting) grant the victim a chance to break the effect by succeeding at a Great test of will. The range of this power is unlimited, though the concentration required limits control to one hour at most.

The Glove's control allows the wearer to observe the victim as if they were floating overhead. They may control the victim's gross physical actions, forcing them to move, fight, open doors and locks, or lift and carry objects. All skill or combat tests are carried out using the victim's abilities, but they suffer a two-rank penalty due to the indirect nature of the wearer's control. Control of speech is not possible, and the victim may be able to blurt out a few words by succeeding at a Great test of will. The victim is aware during their subjugation, and will remember all events that take place. Attempting to force the victim into actions contrary to their nature grants them a chance to break the effect with a Good test of will.

Though the Glove is a magical item, it is delicate in nature, and subject to normal wear and tear effects. Repairing damage to the Glove requires a Superb test of both tailoring and artifice skills.

Image: Marionetas by boskizzi

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