Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The horrific Oowombe are undead creatures, created when corrupt primal energies of foul swamps and marshes reanimate the remains of those trapped and slain by sticky bogs or quicksand.

Oowombe have the rough physical form of the creature they were created from, but appear bloated and are covered in a gelatinous, glistening goo. The creatures leave a thick trail of this substance as they move, and anything they touch is quickly coated with the ooze. They can also hurl globules of this goo short distances.

On land, the creatures move slowly, with a disjointed, staggering stride. In the water they seem to slither and twist along their chosen path, and being undead they do not need to breathe.

Oowombe are drawn to the living, seeking to envelop and drown their victims in ooze. The remains of those slain in this fashion are then dragged back to the creature's place of origin, where the dark power of the swamp changes them into another Oowombe after two to four days. Each Oowombe has the base physical characteristics as the creature it was created from, including natural defenses and weaponry, with the following modifications:

  • Good toughness - the creature's thick coat of ooze provides protection from physical blows.
  • Superb resistance to fire, electricity, and cold - elemental effects do little damage to the Oowombe's bloated form.
  • Immune to poison - being undead has certain advantages.
  • Slow movement - the creature suffers a one rank movement penalty relative to its base form.
All Oowombe share the following characteristics:

  • Good swimming speed - Oowombe can slither and twist through water with surprising speed.
  • Trail of goo - the creatures leave a sizable trail of slimy goo wherever they go. Anyone stepping on this trail must make a Good test of agility or be slimed (see below).
  • Any target struck by an Oowombe must make a Good test of agility or be slimed (see below).
  • Once per round an Oowombe can belch forth a globule of goo, which can strike a single target within 20 feet. Any target struck by this globule must make a Great test of agility to avoid being slimed (see below).
  • Oowombe constantly exude the slimy goo that coats their form, giving them an effectively endless supply.
Targets that are slimed suffer a one rank penalty to movement, resistance checks, and action checks. This penalty is cumulative, with each additional failed sliming adding one rank to the penalty. Once the penalty reaches three ranks, the victim must make a Great fortitude check each round or begin suffocating, as the goo flows into their mouth and nose. A victim can take a full round to remove one rank of slimed penalty by scraping the goo off their bodies.

Happy Halloween!

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