Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Daruna - A Brief Update and a Map

The Daruna gang are back in town, and settling out their debts and obligations. After selling off their fat, fat loot, they suddenly find themselves with a lot of money. In fact it's an uncomfortable amount to be lugging around, and in their usual non-subtle way, they've not exactly hidden the fact that they have a lot of money.

So they're buying a house.

A villa actually, just outside the city of Shalish. It's pretty rundown as the previous owner was an older couple who couldn't keep up with the property. After they died, their son, a quasi-important figure in the local political scene, ignored it for several years. Now it's a partial wreck, but the party has coin to spare. Here's the map.

House Map Key

  • Light Blue - Bedroom
  • Yellow - Common Room (sitting, dining, office)
  • Green - Courtyard
  • Red - Kitchen / Servants
  • Blue-gray - Patio / garden

Property Map Key

  • Green - Garden area
  • Gray - Building foundation / ruin
  • Brown - Stables
  • Blue - Well
The markings on the scale are 10' each. It's not a huge place, but they're getting it for a steal, 1200 GP, and the small orchard could actually provide some income. The party got in touch with the builder that they ran into during their rescue mission two sessions ago, and he's put together an estimate on how much it's going to cost to fix the place up:

The next afternoon, Nishuru meets with you to discuss the building costs. Here's his estimate:

Rebuild the outer wall - 500 GP
Replace wall gates and stableyard gate - 45 GP
Repair villa structure - 1200 GP
Repair / replace interior doors - 180 GP
Repair / replace exterior secure doors - 75 GP
Repair interior floors / cellar and patio - 408 GP
Debris clearing from building site - 30 GP
Clear brush / overgrowth from outer site - 100 GP
Repair wells - 28 GP
Finish interior spaces (plaster, trim work) - 400 GP
Rebuild two fireplaces and kitchen hearth - 20 GP
Rebuild main road (dirt/gravel) - 36 GP

Total Cost: 3029 GP

Estimate includes all labor, oversight, and materials, plus removal of debris and cleanup. Doesn't include any decoration or fixtures beyond basic stuff like door trim / handles, basic window grills, etc. You'll still need lamps, furniture, tools, supplies, etc.

Of course the group is debating options and upgrades (more secure doors/windows, a vault, an out-building workshop for the alchemist), but so far they're very interested. Since we only play a couple times a year we tend to do a lot of this kind of thing via email. I imagine by our next session the repairs will be complete, and the party's empire will be up and running...

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