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Guild Wars 2 - Food Farms

This is a concise listing of the various cooking material farms in Guild Wars 2. It's currently incomplete, but I'll be adding entries as I find them. Zones are listed in alphabetic order. As always if you have an update or correction, feel free to leave a comment. I've tried to verify all these sites, but when it's 3:00 AM and you're running from trolls... well, you get the idea.
  • Update Sept 29, 2012: Sparkfly Fen, Straits of Devestation
  • Update Sept 27, 2012: Diessa Plateau, Field of Ruin, Brisban Wildlands
  • Updated Sept 23, 2012: Dredgehaunt Cliffs
  • Updated: Sept 21, 2012: Blazeridge Steppes
  • Updated: Sept 17, 2012: Harathi Hinterlands, Metrica Province
  • Updated: Sept 9, 2012: Fireheart Rise, Iron Marches, Mount Maelstrom
And now... on with the listings!

Blazeridge Steppes
This farm is on the east edge of the zone, just south of the eastern end of the Shattered Palisades, north of the Lunk Kraal Waypoint. It is full of cabbage, and may be hard to spot from the map, as all the nodes are very closely packed. When I was there it was in friendly hands, but it looks like that camp changes hands, so it may be guarded, likely by ogres.

Bloodtide Coast
This farm is on the south side of the Risewild Hills. You'll have to wind your way up to it through trolls. Many trolls. At the farm itself there are more trolls, including a very nasty champion (?). It may not be worth the work to get here solo. It produces sugar pumpkins.

Brisban Wildlands
The Brisban farm is full of clams! It's in the lake in Venlin Vale, and the nodes are a bit scattered about. The site is occupied by hostile Hylek, but they're not too big a threat.

Caledon Forest

This lettuce farm is on the north edge of the Caledon Forest map. It is easy to get to via the Kraitbane Haven Waypoint, a short run northwest through easy territory. There's at least one wandering pack of raptors that patrol the area, but aside from that, there are no real threats.

Diessa Plateau
The Diessa Plateau strawberry farm is tucked away west of the Town of Nolan, which is in the southwest corner of the map. there's a minor jump puzzle involved in getting to this location. It is guarded by a fierce Charr!

Dredgehaunt Cliffs

This cabbage farm is in the Jotun camp, west of the Wide Expanse Waypoint. Guarded by Jotun, obviously.

Field of Ruin
This grape farm is in the southeast section of the map, in the southwest corner of Wildlin Narrows. There are a few ogres about, but the farm itself is unguarded.

Fireheart Rise
This is a butternut squash farm in the southwest corner of the zone, in the Apostate Wastes. It is right near the karma heart and point of interest, and is easy to get to.

Frostgorge Sound

Apparently delicious butternut squash grows in the icy northern wastes. This farm is just north of the heart NPC in Arundon Vale. It's in a small grawl camp with pretty quick respawn, so be ready to fight!

Gendarran Fields
A spinach farm guarded by a veteran ettin. Northfields or Provern Shore waypoints are both fairly close to this farm.

Harathi Hinterlands
This cabbage farm is actually tucked away in a cave, behind an interaction door. The entrance (marked on the map above) is guarded by two normal and one veteran bandit. It is northwest of the Wynchona Woods label and northeast of the ruins of Holy Demetra. Note that at least two of the three times I've been here, an event has started shortly after killing the guards and entering the garden area. I'm not sure if there's some hidden trigger in here or not. There's also a second, inactive, door in the cave, that doesn't do anything, at least not yet.

Iron Marches
This sugar pumpkin farm is in Victium Moors in the northwest area of the zone, north of the pass leading to Fireheart Rise. It's guarded by lots of whiptail devourers.

Kessex Hills
This strawberry farm is located next to the Wizard's Fief Vista. It is guarded by several ettins. The first time I visited I went through the nearby jump puzzle, but I'm not sure that's necessary. Note that this farm is on a cliff, so a little caution is needed to reach all plants.

Lion's Arch
This farm contains a mix of plants and is located at the end of the Troll's End jump puzzle. The farm itself is between Hooligan's Route and Canal Ward, but the path is much more convoluted. I won't spoil the puzzle other than to say that it starts near one of the city's vistas. Note that there is also a chest spawn here, just past the farm.

Lornar's Pass
A grape farm southwest of False Lake and near Greybeard's Landing pirate camp. Guarded by a pirate vintner, who seems to be a regular pirate. It's fairly easy to get here, but be wary of patrolling pirates and their tendency to gang up on you.

Metrica Province
Located in the southeast area of Metrica, directly southwest of the Akk Wilds label on the map, this farm contains potatoes. It is located on a floating platform with a series of floating stones leading to it. It was unguarded when I explored it. What I want to know is: who puts a potato farm on a floating platform connected to the ground by jumpy floating stones? I mean potatoes are heavy!

Mount Maelstrom
This artichoke farm is on the island west of the Mire Sea and north of the Treacherous Depths. You'll need to circle the island to find the ramp up, and the farm itself is guarded by a veteran jungle troll, that's a bit of a pain to kill.

Plains of Ashford
The potato farm in this zone is located on the southwest edge of the map in the Loreclaw Expanse. Easy to get to via Loreclaw Waypoint. Watch out for traps! Exact location of farm needs confirmation.

An easy hike from the Shire of Beetletun, this lettuce farm is located in the northernmost field on the east edge of Beetletun  Farms.

Snowden Drifts
Who doesn't like strawberries? This farm is located in Griffonfall, close to Reaver's Waypoint. It's guarded by (wait for it!) griffons.

Sparkfly Fen
This farm is just to the west of Orvanic Shore and Ocean's Gullet Waypoint, and contains cauliflower. There's a veteran Hylek guard, but he moves around quite a bit so you can avoid him with patience. Note that access to this garden is convoluted. You have to go through a certain cave. There's also a non-achievement jump puzzle leading to a chest that begins just to the west of the garden.

Straits of Devastation

The Straits farm is on the west edge of Bramble Pass, near a small waterfall. There are a number of undead around, but nothing major. This garden contains artichokes.

Timberline Falls

This is a cauliflower farm northwest of Fisher's Eye Bridges, which is on the west edge of this zone. It's fairly easy to get to, but guarded by several ettins, including a veteran.

Wayfarer Foothills
The Jotun keep a farm in The Osenfold Shear. This site is pretty well guarded with several normal Jotun in and around it, and a veteran at the back. There's also a chest spawn here. Product needs confirmation, but I think it's potatoes.

Thanks to my guild, Don't Die, on Tarnished Coast for the help in assembling this information. As always, comments and additions are welcome!

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  1. There is another potato farm in Asura's first map.


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