Thursday, August 23, 2012

Players Do Cool Things

This past weekend I ran my Daruna game. One of the best parts of this semi-annual event is not the game, it's the people. I've been gaming with some of these guys since the beginning, and since I'm officially old, that's a long time. In fact one of the players in this game is the person I first played D&D with way back in the 70s. He ran a dungeon adventure for my first-level party on the bus during a school field trip to the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC. We killed a Balrog.

Anyhow, this same player surprised us all by commissioning a set of pottery mugs for everyone at the table, each bearing a character name, or, in my case, the Game Master label. And these aren't just any mugs. They're Dangerously Spiky Mugs, by Symmetrical Pottery.
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Yes that is the party in the middle of table, facing off against one of the waves of construct-creatures that chased them all weekend.

It's a little hard to see, but if you look closely at the handle of the horizontal mug, you can make out the Game Master label. Here's a closeup.
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And when I say these mugs are Dangerously Spiky, I mean it! I'd rate them +2 damage as improvised weapons (though they'd probably break on use...)

Anyhow, my purpose here is two-fold. First, a shout-out to my awesome players, both the old hands and the newer additions to the group. You guys are awesome! Second, if you're looking for that unique gift for your GM, check out Symmetrical Pottery. According to my friend, the Game Master stamp has now become a part of their collection, and as you can see from the various character names on other handles, they do custom labels too. The mugs are very well made, and attractive, in a spiky way of course.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing our mugs. We're thrilled you're enjoying them.

    Game on,
    Scott & Angi


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